The Many Facets Of Vijay Eswaran’s Business in India

Vijay Eswaran took a concept in direct selling from something simple to something major with his company QI Group. Eswaran cofounded this company in 1998, and the first time it really came on the scene was when it sold numismatic coins at the start of the 2000 Olympics.

From there QI Group began focusing on ecommerce and regular consumer goods and established its flagship direct sales company, QNet. QI Lifestyle is a company that sells luxurious lifestyle items such as vacation packages and jewelry, and QI Asset Management owns many vacation properties across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more: The Return Of Vijay Eswaran | The Sunday Leader

Eswaran’s current focus is on QI University-Perak, a college he started in partnership with the Malaysian government and for which he’s currently planning a new campus construction that’s eco-friendly known as QI City.

Vijay Eswaran became interested in multilevel marketing after several years of work in other fields that proved less rewarding for him. He was born in Malaysia to a government worker and a teacher, and both taught him to live a life of strong ethics and guided by moral principles.

He had the drive to be successful in business, yet he wasn’t completely sure which business model to pursue until he learned about multilevel marketing while driving a cab in London. After completing his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University and working as a part-time consultant, Eswaran took on direct selling fulltime and returned to Asia where he and Joseph Bismarck began rolling out the plans for QI Group.

Eswaran’s business wouldn’t be complete without his generosity towards Asia’s educational activities and religious groups through RYTHM Foundation. He’s given away the equivalent of millions in US dollars over the years, and he made the 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy list at Forbes Asia.

The very next year he won the New Global Indian award for excellence in both business and philanthropy, and he’s also attended the 6th Pravasi Divas gathering. He’s also written many books about his spiritual beliefs and living a healthy lifestyle including a 2005 bestseller titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.” He’s also a husband and father of several children.

Todd Lubar’s Close Relationship with the Mortgage Industry

Personal Profile

Talk real estate investment and one personality that quickly come to mind is Todd Lubar. His career started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 where he went on to work untill 1999. He then joined Legacy Financial Group and stayed with them until 2005. While with Legacy Financial, he helped them grow the Maryland branch to higher units of production totaling millions of dollars regarding loan volume. After moving from Legacy Financial, he took a position as the senior vice president of a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation, Charter Funding where he stayed until 2007.


With major changes taking place in real estate, Todd strategically made a decision to shift his focus to purchase money while majorly focused on mortgage banking. He used his mortgage savings to buy Priority Financial services. He could now understand clients due to his vast experience, and he went ahead to create Legendary Financial LLC. He also invested in several other companies in the night club industry, demolition industry, real estate as well as recycling. Through the strong leadership and managerial skills that he had earned working over the years, he has been able to run different companies and excel in the various environments. For many years, Todd Lubar has been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Currently, he is the president of TDL Ventures.

TDL Ventures

According to Hackronym, after his vast experience in real estate, Todd Lubar felt the need to help other people in the achievement of their dreams. He established his company as a means to eliminate the barriers that would normally prevent individuals from receiving loans by innovating a product that could help startup companies. Through this firm, Todd has been able to market his customers, and as such, he has exposed them to lending sources which would otherwise overlook them. His contribution to Charter Corporation has also led to the high rating of the mortgage company as one of the largest private companies in the U.S. His broad experience has given him an opportunity to interact with both clients and other companies to make the best business manager and top mortgage originator.






Securus Technologies Working to Protect Corrections Officers

The job of a corrections officer is one of the most dangerous in the world. On any given day, I put my life on the line for inmates who are trying to take me away from my family and friends. The inmates outnumber the police in jail, and if you are not very careful, you are going to leave in an ambulance. Each day me and my fellow officers have a few things we have to do to keep the entire population in the jail safer.


If an inmate can get their hands on a weapon in jail, they put other inmates, visitors, and all police working in that jail in jeopardy. We try to stop the flow of all those weapons by having every visitor go through a tough screening process to see if they are in fact carrying anything illegal on their person. The inmates are very persuasive at getting family or fellow gang members to take a huge risk to try and get things in the jail. We do surprise inspections in the cells all day too, and try to take away anything that can be used to hurt another.


When Securus Technologies trained my team to use the new inmate phone system, we had no idea how this would help us to change how we stop the flow of drugs, cellphones, and weapons coming into the jail. Once trained on the LBS software, we discovered that the coded language the inmates will use when on the phone was not as challenging anymore to decipher.


On a number of occasions this month, we heard chatter about where inmates were hiding cellphones, how they were getting various weapons in the yard, and which visitors were sneaking things into the jail. Today we have really tightened things up thanks to Securus Technologies.


The Delightful New Site Initiated By The U.S. Money Reserve For Purchasing Precious Metals

The U.S. Money Reserve has changed the face of their website. The new look is a reflection of their leadership in their field and their values of commitment and trust. Included in the new design is photography of the U.S. Money Reserves President, Phillip Diehl. There is also an impressive new coin photo gallery. The site provides consumers with an education on bullion, gold coins and precious metals.


The site features quality content and allows an increased interaction with U.S. Money Reserve clients. The online storefront is secure and the best precious metals worldwide are available for purchase. The design was overseen by the Vice President of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan. There are new features and applications designed to make bullion even easier to purchase.


The U.S. Money Reserve has provided competitive pricing live on silver, gold, bullion and bars. PCGS certified coins along with other exclusive products are available and meant for consumers with an interest in precious metals. An information kit on gold is available at the Knowledge Center for consumers who are interested. There is no charge for this kit and it explains the process of minting, grading and purchasing coins. Updates concerning the precious metals market are available at the Gold News Room.


The Client-Connect Advantage through the U.S. Money Reserve enables contact with clients for discussions regarding assistance with purchases, one on one consultations and secure offline transactions and releases. The U.S. Money Reserve has a BuyBack Guarantee with one of the top return policies anywhere in the industry. All certified coin purchases are eligible for a full refund at the current value of the market within thirty days of purchase. When combined with incredibly fast and insured shipping and the new Gold Standard IRA program, its easy to see why customers are excited about the U.S. Money Reserve.


The U.S. Money Reserve is a private distributor of United States government issue silver, gold and platinum products. They are one of the largest distributors in the nation. The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and distributes United States and foreign issued gold, platinum and silver products. Thousands of clients currently rely on them to diversify their assets.


The U.S. Money Reserve has a unique team consisting of numismatic professionals and coin researchers. They have the expertise required to locate products with the highest potential for profit. The U.S. Money Reserve exceeds the standards of the industry and provides excellent products and customer service.


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Eric Lefkofsky, CEO of the Most Successful Internet IPOs- Groupon

According to the founder of Tempus, Eric LefKofsky, the major issue affecting cancer treatment is the lack of sources which combine genomic information with the therapeutic data. Thus, Eric started establishing information centers to fine-tune Cancer treatment. Eric says that truck drivers always get better information about how to do their work than oncologistset it is essential for oncologists to have required details for effective treatment. Apart from information on patient’s DNA and RNA structure, cancer patients also should know which treatment they are on and how they are responding.

Lefkofsky established Tempus when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He established Tempus with the aim of building a technology foundation that will live in existing electronic medical record and pathology to compare data, remove it and have a new version back to the regional source because all the grouped data was to be used to find trends between treatments and results.Eric is kind-hearted. Together with his wife, they established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. This is a charitable foundation that aims at advancing high-impact initiatives to improve lives in the society. He is also a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the The Art institute of Chicago, among others. His family has given back to the community in their hometown and many educational projects, and they posses wide-ranging philanthropic strategies and are also signatories of the Giving pledge.

Eric Lefkosky heads the board of trustees of Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also a professor at the University of Chicago and the writer of Accelerated Disruption. He is a graduate of the law school at Michigan University where he got his Juris Doctor. Other than being the CEO of Tempus, Eric is also the co-founder of Groupon.After law school, Erick Lefkofsky and his long time partner in business Bradley Key started an internet company that specialized in promoting products. He created, bought and sold many companies before he finally partnered in establishing Groupon which become the newest darlings of the tech industries and one of the most successful internet IPOs in the recent years.


How Chapstick Was Conquered by Eos as a Startup in the Lip Balm Industry

Chapstick has been the go to lip balm shopping option for the longest time. These cylindrical lip balms felt ideal with a complete soothing ingredient in them. What’s more, always a variety to cater for everyone ranging from the bold and wild would go for cherry to those who wanted to keep things subtle by option for the original or tasteless flavors. However, seven years ago, EOS came to change all this with their pastel colored orbs balms. This brand filled different store shelves including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target and Lucky Vitamin. In fact, editors of beauty sections of different magazines cannot seem to get enough of the EOS lip balm as they rave about the varied flavors. In addition to these, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were seen using the brand in public making it even more popular.

The evolution of Smooth (EOS, products are seen splashing pages of magazines. However, the company’s founders are still silent about the company strategy. They disclosed in an exclusive interview with Fast Food Company that they have managed to create a 250 million dollar company that is ranked second in the industry after Burt’s Bee. They have been able to successfully compete with companies such as Blistex and Chapstick that have been in the industry for a longer time.

According to Kline Research, EOS has transformed the oral care industry on its own. It is currently doing weekly sales of one million dollars and its prospects for the future seem to be very promising. This is because the lip care industry market is projected to make a 2 billion steady increase by the end of 2020. This is because more people are demanding natural products for their lips thus give EOS an edge as this is their area of specialty.

Paul Mampilly: Helping Main Street Clients Find Investment Opportunity

On March 9, 2017, PRNewswire released a story about Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited reaching the number of 60,000 subscribers. Apparently, in the investment industry, 60,000 customers is a benchmark.

Profits Unlimited came into existence when Mampilly signed with Banyan Hill Publishing. The newsletter’s purpose is exposing regular Americans to profitable investments. Mampilly recommends one new stock on each bulletin (one per month) he sends to his subscribers.

Paul Mampilly keeps his followers updated weekly on stocks in the model portfolio, and monitors their stock performance on his website. Paul doesn’t invest for them but rather offers advice in a non-traditional advisor/client relationship.

The article goes on to describe one investor group telling Mampilly that their arrangement is the most valuable experience they have ever had investing in stocks.

One would have a difficult time thinking of a job in finance that Paul Mampilly hasn’t had. He spent 20 years working on Wall Street for major clients like Deutsche Bank, and Banker’s Trust. Paul is a former hedge fund manager who has dealt with biotech and health care. He worked as a team member of a group that managed a $23 billion mutual fund and a well-respected $6 billion hedge fund in 2008.

The clients he has worked for are some of the most influential in the world and include the biggest companies and banks. Mampilly once won an investment competition by legitimately turning a $50 million investment into $88 million during the worst of the financial crisis.

Paul is often sought after by financial news media to opine on investment subjects. Born in India, Mampilly migrated to the U.S. There he began a career on Wall Street. He quickly climbed the investment ladder by successfully managing millions.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly:

Capital Anesthesiology Association: Educating, Training, & Supporting The Next Generation of Clinical Personnel

Life is full of ups and downs. Accidents, injuries, and illnesses seem to happen all too often. Unfortunately, this is how life truly is and there isn’t anything that we as a people can do to change the fate that’s we’ve been dealt. When these mishaps happen, we as a people must do everything in our power to fix the issues and there is one organization in Austin, Texas that personifies this perfectly. Capital Anesthesiology Association is a trend setter hands down either way you examine it. This is one of the top independent practices of clinical staff in the country that specializes in anesthesiology. It’s also one of the largest as it has well over 130 certified registered nurses and over 80 doctors. The numbers are staggering and to add more flames to the fire, most of the medical staff is either board certified or they’re in the process of becoming board certified. This ensures all patients that they’ll receive the very best in care.

Capital Anesthesiology Association has a number of medical staff under it’s network of success. Something to the tune of 20 facilities is more appropriate. This includes Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Brackenridge Hospital, and the list goes on and on.

Issues with insurance carriers? CAA handles this process as well with it’s highly trained administration staff, which gives the patient even more peace of mind. CAA is changing the game for the better one patient at a time and that’s a fact.

More information here about CAA.

Arthur Becker: beckoned into the spotlight

An article published by The Real Deal on March 28th, 2017, provided an in-depth look into Arthur Becker’s Condominium project located at 465 Washington St. in Tribeca, N.Y. Becker originally acquired the property from Peter Moore back in 2012 for $6.1 million. Since then Becker has expanded by purchasing development rights from the owners of 461 Washington St., thus, allowing an expansion from five stories to 10 stories. Becker has also purchased a 30-foot easement from the owners of 201-206 Canal St. The building will consist of seven simplex apartments and a penthouse duplex; the units will range in size, but all will have interiors designed by Perez Hilton. Ordinarily, Becker is more of a silent partner and investor rather than the face of a development project.

Although Arthur Becker usually opts for an investor role; he has held prestigious executive positions. Such as Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC and CEO and Board Member of NaviSite. Becker continues to hold his positions as Managing Member of Atlantic Investors LLC and Managing Director of Madison Technology Group LLC. He is more well known for his investments in Billionaires’ Row and being one of the investors involved in a conglomerated property, which sold to Alfa Development for $70 million. Based on information provided by Real Capital Analytics, Becker has invested in $550 million worth of projects in New York City.

Becker has demonstrated versatility in the world of business; Zinio LLC is the world’s largest digital newsstand and NaviSite provides internet technology services to businesses. Madison Technology Group not only operates in real estate investment but is also an investor in early stage Biotechnology. For seven years Becker also served as Senior Advisor to Vera Wang’s fashion company. Becker has had an impressive transition to finance and technology from his early beginnings building homes and running a Macadamia orchard. It seems only logical that a man with a history of expanding interests and successes would eventually step into the spotlight.


EOS’s Unique Flavors

The lip balm industry darling, EOS, is known for its orb shaped container in pastel shades, as well as its great price point of $3 on Walmart and Target stores, and the fresh flavors. The lip balms are made of all natural and organic ingredients, the formula creates the softest of lips, and the flavors are delicious. Per a recent article published on the Fast Company website, the brand is known for flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit. The tastes are light, fresh, and lip smacking good. The Evolution of Smooth is really on to something with their feminine presentation and lightly flavored lip balms.

EOS broke away from the usual way of business within the oral care market and carved out a women centric brand in a market niche that had heretofore been unisex. Blistex and Chapstick, the two brands that had dominated the market for decades prior to EOS coming on the scene, had marketed themselves as purely utilitarian products with no frills. EOS turned all of that on its head and created a brand that women wanted to include in their daily beauty routines. The fruit and minty flavors make the products much less medicinal and much more fun.

By breaking away from lip balms with flavor choices of none, cherry, and mint, and creating innovative flavors, EOS lip balm opened up the market beyond chapped lip sufferers. Lip balms also add shine and gloss in addition to keeping smiles moisturized. EOS takes that a step further and creates a feeling of a beauty accessory. Not quite makeup, but more than a basic tool to combat chapped lips, EOS bridges the gap between the two and fills a gap that had been left untapped for decades. EOS lip balms, contained in fun shaped orbs, appeal to women who want soft lips and great taste.