When Your Dog Is Bored Of Food

You may not think that your dog cares what kind of food you feed him. After all, if you’ve given him the same brand or flavor of dog food for years and he’s never refused to eat it, you might logically assume that he likes what you give him. However, have you ever considered that maybe he only eats it because he’s hungry? If someone fed you nothing but fried eggs every day you’d probably become bored, but if it was your only option, you would still eat to satiate your hunger.

A dog can become bored with food as easily as a person. So, how can you add variety to your dog’s diet so that he enjoys his food but still gets all the necessary nutrients? Choosing a quality dog food brand with a wide range of products is a great start. Beneful has a great range of flavors and varieties designed to be great tasting and healthy for your dog.

Purinastore’s Beneful Originals is a basic dog food formula that comes in a few different dry food flavors, such as beef, chicken and salmon. The recipes in this range include real meat and all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy diet. The salmon flavor is omega-rich and the chicken and beef flavors are antioxidant-rich.

Another dry dog food from Beneful is their high protein Playful Life food. This recipe includes real beef and egg to keep your active dog energized and healthy. With blueberries and spinach to add variety, this dog food is unique and full of flavor.

These varieties are rich in protein and chopped into smaller bites that are designed to be more manageable for smaller breeds.

The Beneful Chopped blends range offers a tasty selection of nutritious meat recipes with added vegetables. Flavors like beef with carrots, peas and barley and turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach are sure to pique your dog’s interest.

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Partners for Good, SKOUT and SF-Marin Foodbank.

Most people would like to make the world a better place to live or at least ease the sufferings of those less fortunate or at risk. While many want to, they are either apathetic or unsure of how they can actually contribute. SKOUT and the SF- Marin Foodbank have found that a partnership works well for them and have since come to be happy and frequent collaborators in the fight to end hunger. In the SF-Marin area, one in every four people is at risk for hunger. The SF-Marin Foodbank, the largest non-profit provider of food in the area, helps to alleviate this problem by providing 100,000 meals every day for these at-risk individuals and families. So what is SKOUT and how do they fit into this picture?

SKOUT is a technology company, also based in the SF-Marin area. Originally launched in 2007, their goal was to develop technology that made making social and business connections easier. A careful study of the data revealed that most of the users were, in fact, using the technology to make connections but more for dating purposes than business communications. As a result, Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, the company’s founders, relaunched in 2009 with a more dating-friendly, meet-and-greet style app. The company has taken off and become the largest app of it’s kind in the world.

March 14 was National Potato Chip Day. SKOUT used technology to encourage its users to send virtual gifts of potato chips through the app, with the promise that for every virtual bag given, a cash donation would be made to the SF-Marin Foodbank until a goal of 20,000 meals was reached and served. This is not the first time that the two have partnered up for the good of their community. In 2015, for National Grilled Cheese Day, SKOUT did a similar app-involved donation, enough for 10,000 meals.

2015 also saw the announcement that SKOUT had reached 10 million users from virtually all parts of the globe. The app can be accessed in 180 different countries and in over 16 languages. Aside from the virtual gift feature, the app also helps people connect via location and similar interests. Their nightlife feature, for example, lets users view scheduled events, purchase tickets, and even see guest lists, especially of other app users who are attending the same gathering.

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Energy Crisis in Venezuela

However, they have come up with quite an interesting plan to attempt to start to rectify the energy problem. In an attempt to save some energy, the country has declared that for the months of April and May of this year, every single Friday will be a National holiday. This means that workers will not be expected to be at work during these days, which will end up hopefully saving quite a bit of energy. This has come after a long drought has caused a massive amount of problems across the country, leading to these drastic measures. David Osio believes the country hopes that these Fridays that have been declared non-work days will at least make a dent in the problem, although there is no question that there are going to have to be other means of conservation in order to really fix the issues that Venezuela is dealing with. Osio says the plan also is calling for large shopping centers, and other large businesses to attempt to power their own buildings for up to nine hours a day, as they are really trying to come at every angle to solve the problem, although there are also additional plans in the works to try to attempt to resolve the energy crisis.