The Life and Career of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel was excited in announcing the launch of the GoFundMe campaign in order to help benefit the organization Operation Smile. The organization was founded in order to help with expenses world wide in order for children to get to get surgical procedures that they need for free. These services also extend to young adults who may be suffering from cleft lips, cleft palate, and any other facial deformities. The goal that Weisfogel has set for the GoFundMe campaign is to raise 2,000 dollars. Through the support of Operation Smile, they are dedicated to giving all the children that go through them a hope of a brighter and healthier tomorrow. Avi Weisfogel said that in supporting Organization Smile, is that he believes that every child deserves the opportunities to get the best service that is available to them, and this is why he was so passionate about choosing Operation Smile as the beneficiary for the GoFundMe campaign. Operation Smile works alongside local hospitals, medical professionals, governments, and other organizations that have a part in creating different models of surgical care. All these efforts in there goal for giving the best solutions to as many children in need as they can. Every year, Operation Smile conducts medical missions in order to reach children all over the globe. The organization has always worked with the local health care providers in the area in order to provide the patients with care in their own language and culture. Founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee, today the team has provided over 220,000 surgical procedures to children
all over the world.

During his early career, Avi Weisfogel graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, with areas of specialty in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentistry and Dentists. Since 1996, he has worked for Old Bridge Dental Care in Old Bridge, NJ. As the team at Old Bridge ensure that all patients will have a pleasant and comfortable experience from the time that they step into the clinic, up to when the appointment is finished. Through his career, he also earned the award for being a diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Since the first week that Weisfogel began working as a general dentist, he has treated sleep patients.

Through two years, and with millions of dollars, Weisfogel has been able to develop a system that literally brought in 250 to 300 oral appliance patients every month. He has been teaching his system for the last year and a half himself, and has now joined with Barry in creating a Dental Sleep Masters program. He has created this system with his sights set on reaching out to more physicians, dentists and patients.

Media Alert: Put the Human Touch Back in Web Content

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In the old days of internet commerce, retail and service marketing, websites were used to advertise directly to existing clients who were initially captivated by a face to face interaction with an established business. With the advancement of technology and the increased ease of use with websites, the internet has become flooded with service providers and retailers not only building on an existing customer base but seeking to create a customer base from scratch with their internet business.

Consumers have become very used to seeing the same old thing when they come across web pages and retailers. Companies are so concerned with what shows up for them that they retain ORM firms to help manage their online reviews. They are missing the human interaction, the exchange of ideas and honest conversation that leads to a sale. The internet is so faced paced and contains so much information that the consumer has adapted to flip through web pages like pages in an uninteresting magazine. If it doesn’t capture their interest, they turn the page and move on forever.

Selling products or services is not as simple as displaying objects or services for sale. People want to know that there are real ideas behind the product. They are more likely to read an editorial about an idea relating to the product, and from there to follow a link to buy something related to the idea. Capturing the consumers attention and holding their interest with relevant, captivating and interesting content is anyone’s best bet to building a consumer base and making sales.

FreedomPop Makes WhatsApp Free To Users

Venture Beat is saying that they know what FreedomPop will do next to make their service the best in the world. They are already more affordable than everyone else, and now they are the company that is pushing the envelope of what is inexpensive. They have come up with a plan that lets their users use WhatsApp for free. The free WhatsApp use will change the way people use their phones, and it will help the people who are on the free plan from FreedomPop.

The free plan from FreedomPop is revolutionary because it helps people who just cannot afford a phone. Now, these same people can use WhatsApp for free so that they can talk and text as much as they want. This helps people who are not able to get the fancy plans that other people have, and now they can talk just as much as other people do. They can go into WhatsApp and use the number that the app gives them, and then they can use that number to get the things they need. Everyone who wants to make sure they can make all the calls they need to make should be sure they are using FreedomPop just because of WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp is easy for everyone who gets a new FreedomPop phone, and they can sign up for the app in seconds. The app will give them a chance to use their phones to talk and text as much as they want, and they can stay on the app to save data. People who are used to counting data do not have to anymore, and people who are in need of a service that understands that they do not have much money to spend on a phone will fall into the services at FreedomPop easily.

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Andy Wirth Proposes Plan to Revitalize Lake Tahoe Tourism

Andy Wirth, president and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, has put forward a plan to bring new tourism and job opportunities to North Lake Tahoe.

In an effort to compete in a widely diversifying market, Andy Wirth has proposed a plan that addresses not only the concerns of a community dependent on tourism for their livelihood, but also those of a population tied to the health of the environment that drives said tourism.

The proposed development includes year-round opportunities for outdoor exploration, as well as indoor adventures, including rock-climbing and athletic training facilities. The plan works to align with the values and needs of an economy catering to adventurous tourists looking for an active and educational experience.  Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

The project calls for 1,400 new jobs and offers competitive wages, consistent with those already offered by the local resort. In addition, $25 million in projected tax revenue will help the community to improve infrastructure and schools. In response to community concerns about environmental impact, the project size has been significantly decreased, ensuring that Andy Wirth’s proposed plan balances economic viability with environmental sustainability.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and is actively involved in many philanthropic and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe area. Born in Germany, he attended college in Colorado and Scotland before beginning his career with Steamboat Ski Resorts in the late 1980’s. He worked his way from intern to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Steamboat, before being appointed as President and CEO of Squaw Valley resorts. You can click this link to read more: Another View: Community input shaping Squaw Valley’s future

Mr. Wirth has remained active in the community following a skydiving accident that nearly took his life. He heads an Ironman Team benefiting Navy SEALS, and sponsors projects such as Girls on the Run and the Truckee River Watershed Council. He lives in Truckee, CA with his wife and three children.

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Image Recognition: A Burgeoning Technology

Image recognition allows a computer to identify a physical image from a picture or video. Even though the technology is new, there is great demand for its use in all kinds of different residential and commercial situations. Image recognition is an incredibly fast growing technology with capabilities that grow significantly every year.

Currently image detection software on is in use in places like tollbooths on toll roads to automatically detect license plate numbers and assign the proper fees without needing to pay an actual person to do it. This software is still developing. For example, the computer is not able to read license plates that have unusual number placement.

These small problems do not, however, keep the technology from growing and being used in many different places. The security industry has for a long time used image recognizing software in order to identify people in surveillance videos and pictures. This type of imaging is often called facial recognition software, and it will one day become an incredibly helpful tool for law enforcement agencies.

Another use of image recognition software is in the retail industry. Software such as Slyce allows people to search for items that they see in the everyday world. The program would be downloaded onto a mobile device and then it allows the user to begin using it as a universal scanner. It can do the usual barcode and QR code reading, but it can also do much more than that. If a person with the program on their device sees something that they would like to know more about or purchase they can snap a photo of the item and the software is able to bring up that information. This provides a great opportunity for businesses to make their products available. Everyone who wears their products is now advertising their business, even to people who may not know the wearer. For consumers, it makes it possible to have the information about any item at their fingertips.

While image recognition software offers a wealth of opportunities, the technology is still developing. Eventually cameras will be able to use images to identify people and objects. 

Get more clients by Using Video marketing from Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a tech product that has provided solutions to many businesses in the current market. It has been able to offer video solutions since its inception in 2007 by the CEO and founder, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is the first company that introduced an Instant pay Compensation plan in the world. It thus proves the power of ensuring that businesses have grown in a more anticipated progress in the market.


Talk Fusion has all time been the best in adhering to the ethical businesses practices. It has therefore been recognized as a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA). It is such a spirit of working hard and innovatively offering solutions to the market that drives Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion is ever expanding the marketing niche; it launched 30 days Free Trial Version to all its intended customers. It has good strategies that will open doors to gaining more customers to subscribe to the service after the lapse of the period. It aims at growing its customer base by providing the marketing tool in nine different languages and over 140 countries.


As a marketing tool, the 30 days Free Trial version will prove how marketers and other organizations should use technology to push and market their products to the right target market. As a communication tool, it offers the right mode of exchange in the form of Live meetings to the respective clients. Video Email, sending newsletters through video, Sign Up forms are part of the marketing ideas that Talk Fusion is bringing into the market. Marketing will be improved tremendously.


Talk Fusion is the global leader in the video marketing and offering solutions related to marketing. It has proved to a well-understood tool that will promote the necessary marketing needs of the economy. Te corporate team of Talk Fusion has been working tirelessly to achieve such progress. The Free Trial Version that will be risk-free to all users will unlock the potential among the user and provide the full understanding of the effectiveness of video marketing. Video marketing is a gem in the current marketing market that is available.


The Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

One of the most respected people in the business world is Coriant’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaygan Kheradpir. He made a fast climb through various positions to become a powerful executive. His rise to the top has been chronicled in many articles online and in magazines. Coriant is a company that focuses on the production of both hardware and software. He is a native of England. His place of birth was London. He was raised in Iran. His father was a successful doctor who had enough cash to give Shaygan an amazing education that was the envy of his friends. He first was sent to a private school that was in the Alps of Switzerland. He then moved to America where he decided to attend Cornell. He eventually finished his studies by getting an electrical engineering doctorate.

Shaygan discovered that there were many companies that wanted to hire him after he graduated. The first company he worked for after college was GTE. He was placed in charge of managing and controlling a large portion of their network. This was a position of enormous responsibility. GTE eventually had its name changed to Verizon. Shaygan’s bosses were very impressed with his ingenuity and strong work ethic. He was eventually promoted to become the head of the e-business division. One of the things Shaygan is most known for during this time is making a large portion of Verizon’s operations automated. This helped to reduce the company’s overall cost of operating. He also helped the company diversify the services they offered in the telecommunications industry. Needless to say, Shaygan’s superiors were impressed again.

Shaygan is also credited with the brilliant idea of placing employees into teams. This helped to create a competitive dynamic among the employees that allowed them to increase their productivity. He also got involved with prototypes that were in the process of being modified and developed. He decided that it would be a good idea to have the cycle go on for a total of 30 days. The results of this decision turned out to be very positive for the company. Another one of Shaygan’s revolutionary breakthroughs was the idea to completely automate the system that controls the customer service phone program at Verizon. You can learn more information by visiting

Beneful – Ingredients you can trust

Many people are seeking the benefits of premium dog food because of the natural, wholesome ingredients. Most dog owners find that they don’t mind spending the extra money to ensure that their dogs are getting the proper nutrition needed to thrive and live a healthy life. Purina Beneful is a premium dog food that has been on the market for a long time, offering selective choices aimed to please your breed, behavior and overall health for you fur baby.
Purina Beneful adult original dog food ( is the perfect choice for your healthy adult dog. Most dogs that are in good health and aren’t experiencing any difficulties can benefit from this type of dog food. Beneful ensures that each kibble is packed with ingredients you can see, and a delicious blend of natural flavors that are enriched with what your dog needs to continue to thrive each day.

Purina Beneful also offers on Wal-Mart a healthy weight dog food that is calorie conscious for our overweight dogs, or some dogs that tend to have a habit to be overweight. This type of dog food is packed with natural ingredients as well but you won’t find it packed with fillers to make your dog feel food. They will feel satisfied because of the wholesome ingredients packed into each bite. has a healthy puppy selection that you can choose from with DHA which is essential for brain function and other developing strengths. When puppies are little, they need special dog food to fuel their energy, but keep them growing at a rate that is essential to their overall health. We all know that if puppies grow too fast, it can be a bad deal, so the playful puppy is packed with ingredients that allow them to thrive at the rate they should be.

Playful life dog food is a protein rich diet that is essential for those dogs that are extra energetic, and just need a little more boost to keep them going. Playful life is packed with real beef and eggs to ensure that your dog is getting extra protein to sustain their energetic life.



Fox Business Looks To Thor Halvorssen For Socialism Answers

Understanding socialism is something most people in the U.S. have little experience of doing, which is why the Fox Business channel decided to bring in respected human rights campaigner and film producer Thor Halvorssen to discuss socialism in its many forms. The campaigner and activist who founded the Human Rights Foundation was interviewed by Trish Regan as the rise of Bernie Sanders as a possible candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 2016 was discussed; Halvorssen went so far as to reveal despite his unhappiness with the use of socialism around the world he had donated the maximum possible financial amount to the Sanders campaign.


Thor Halvorssen began the interview by revealing his own version of what socialism means to the people of the world, and how this political ideology has become both a success and failure across the planet. The success of socialism revealed by Sanders in Northern Europe was agreed with by Thor Halvorssen, who stated he believed the people of Scandinavian countries had benefited from the use of socialism in their nations when it was combined with other policies.


However, in his home country of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen has also seen the negative side of socialism in the form of a continued movement towards totalitarian rulers; the rise of Hugo Chavez had begun the trend for a downward lifestyle in Venezuela that had continued under his successor in the role of President. Halvorssen revealed a growing number of humanitarian problems were causing problems for the people of the nation and would continue as long as government officials remained adamant about the need to fix prices at national levels.


Not only does Halvorssen believe his nation has struggled under the rule of socialist leaders in terms of growth, he also revealed his personal experiences with the dangers to individual liberties the ideology poses. Halvorssen’s own father was detained and tortured in Venezuela despite his diplomatic status in the country and his mother shot by government forces as she attended a political rally. Thor Halvorssen believes their is much to fear from socialism, but believes the merging of traditional policies by Sanders will keep the U.S. on the correct track in the future if he wins the Presidency.

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Online Reputation Companies Solve Problems For Customers

Customers who come to online reputation companies need to make sure that they are going to be able to get the help that they need when there is a crisis online. The companies like Status Labs are out there to help all their customers get the results that they are looking for. Every customer who comes to a place like Status Labs is going to be able to get instant results, and they are going to help their customers make sure that they are going to have a plan of action.

The plan of action that is going to help people get the best reputation is going to learn how they will see all the negative news about them go away. This is a very serious thing for people to consider because they need to have someone on their side who is going to do all the work. This also means that these companies are going to be able to see online searches of them change. The online searches that people are doing are going to offer the information that is most current about a company, and a company with an online reputation problem needs to be sure that they are going to see more positive news as they work with a company like Status Labs. These companies are going to make it much easier to make their images look nice.

The Status Labs team is going to make it easy for people to see a change in their reputation, and it is going to be important for people to change what people perceive of them. The online searches that people are doing need to be more positive than negative, and these searches are going to keep changing because they are going to keep getting more and more extra information. The Status Labs people are going to create a lot of online content, and they are going to keep releasing it as much as possible. They are going to track the way that the work has been done, and they are going to prove that the work has been completed.

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