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The History and Present State of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services, a big strategic partner of the US armed forces started off as something very different. According to the official website of IAP, when it started, it was known as Pan Am World Services and had just one job – to build and operate the Cape Canaveral space launch complex.

The company was Johnson Controls in 1989 and expanded its operations to providing its services to military bases as well as private commercial properties on The bouquet of services offered complete maintenance for these facilities included building and maintaining fire systems, energy and lighting, technical support as well as automation.

In 2004, IAP Worldwide was formed after the parent organization got a contract to supply generators to the American troops stationed in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The company quickly grew into a strategic partner for the armed forces and now aids the troops in procurement as well as disaster relief and transportation. In 2004, IAP acquired JCWS and the resulting firm was renamed as IAP Worldwide Services. The company divided the services offered by them into three broad categories of Global Operations on, base Operations and Professional Technical Services.

The total worth of government contracts held by the company is $370 million. The company operates in more than 2o countries and has more than 1600 employees on its payroll at Because of its strong tie up with the armed forces, the company actively gives preference to veterans in its hiring processes. Almost a third of the total employees are veterans.

Douglas Kitani is the current CEO of IAP and he has identified a mixture of organic and inorganic growth for the company in the next few years. As a part of tis inorganic growth plan, the company recently acquired two business units from DRS technologies. The two units have presence in numerous countries worldwide. The merger will significantly increase the worldwide reach of IAP. In fact, it is expected to become two times as much as it is now.

IAP worldwide has taken up hundreds of projects in association with the armed forces in the past. One of the more ambitious and technologically challenging jobs undertaken by IAP is the development of air traffic control system in Kabul. The entire control system is radio based and does not use any radars at all. The project can be regarded as a major success for IAP as it was carried out in the most unfriendly of atmospheres.

IAP Worldwide Has Developed Into One of The Leading Technological and Logistics Companies

Not too long ago, IAP Worldwide, also known as Ingenuity and Purpose, acquired a couple more companies and integrated them into their own within the United States. DRS, one of the companies they acquired, provided mission support services and aircraft repair and management. The other company, Tactical Communication and Networking Solution, had contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense, providing communication and technological expertise, which IAP Worldwide will continue to do and expand on in the future.

IAP Worldwide has stated in a press release that the reason behind the acquisition of new companies is to expand on their services and the quality of their services overall they can provide all over the world. These two companies are just two of the many that the companies has acquired over the years within the United States, the Middle East, and Europe.

Today, IAP Worldwide provides a wide range of different services and supplies clients with logistic support as well as communications support. The company is also very dedicated to their humanitarian efforts, taking care of people and providing aid in the case of natural disasters.

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Since they first began, IAP Worldwide has had their hand in many different projects around the globe that were highly technical or logistics based. IAP Worldwide is also a big name for many governments out there, including the US government, which holds private contracts with the company. This is because of their top level services, professionalism, and confidentiality.

IAP Worldwide has managed to grow a great deal over the years, having a presence in more than two dozen different countries around the globe and even more operational locations. A lot of their growth is due to the acquisition of several key companies, which were strategically planned to help them build upon their current services and expand further to help even more people.

IAP Worldwide knows the importance of their services, especially in the case of relief, which they are first responders for. This is why the company is dedicated to their customers and providing the highest level of services possible, making them a safe and trustable name.

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IAP Worldwide helping Businesses Reach New Heights

For over 60 years, the company has been perfecting its delivery of logistical solutions enabling its clients to focus on other operational issues. IAP Worldwide’s maxim is to provide the most reliable solutions to the most challenging logistical tasks, management of facilities, and a variety of other technical tasks.

IAP Worldwide has active operations in 25 countries. The firm’s employee network consists of over 2000 highly skilled employees. The firm also partners with established institutions in a bid to ensure that its delivery of services is flawless. Among its partners are various veteran associations.

Services offered at IAP Worldwide
The company kicked off as a technology-oriented company being among the firms that facilitated the first space launch in America. Subsequently, IAP advanced its operations to include facilitation of tests on different technological trials such as breathing missiles and manned shuttles.

The firm also ventured into heavy duty mechanical support providing repair and maintenance services to airlines, military bases, and commercial facilities. In this capacity, IAP helps its clients in planning, management of construction processes, and other engineering services.

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IAP is also a highly reputed provider of disaster response services. They provide solutions to all aspects of disasters be they natural or resulting from battlefields. Among the main clients of IAP Worldwide are government institutions such as military forces and hospitals. The ability to access and deploy the most advanced and highly tested technologies make IAP Worldwide your most reliable logistical and technical partner.

Aviation Engineering Solutions (AES) is also a part of IAP’s services that has been proved to be a leader in provision of solutions to all aviation problems. The AES sector has been perfected through its partnership with the armed forces. The sector’s specialization consists of engineering, logistical, and technical services that have been perfected over time.

IAP Worldwide also provides supply chain services having been a leading supplying partner of the US Navy. Its services as a supply chain management agency include procurement, inventory management, warehousing and warehouse management.

The company has built its credibility through its role in developing logistical strategies that enable their clients to suffer the lowest costs, face the lowest risks, and enjoy the highest value for money.

The company has also achieved its dominance in the market through strategic acquisitions and partnerships that have enabled it to have access to cutting edge technologies. For instance, in 2015, IAP acquired the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS), which specialized in selling IT services, engineering solutions, and communication support to military agencies.

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