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Media Alert: Put the Human Touch Back in Web Content

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In the old days of internet commerce, retail and service marketing, websites were used to advertise directly to existing clients who were initially captivated by a face to face interaction with an established business. With the advancement of technology and the increased ease of use with websites, the internet has become flooded with service providers and retailers not only building on an existing customer base but seeking to create a customer base from scratch with their internet business.

Consumers have become very used to seeing the same old thing when they come across web pages and retailers. Companies are so concerned with what shows up for them that they retain ORM firms to help manage their online reviews. They are missing the human interaction, the exchange of ideas and honest conversation that leads to a sale. The internet is so faced paced and contains so much information that the consumer has adapted to flip through web pages like pages in an uninteresting magazine. If it doesn’t capture their interest, they turn the page and move on forever.

Selling products or services is not as simple as displaying objects or services for sale. People want to know that there are real ideas behind the product. They are more likely to read an editorial about an idea relating to the product, and from there to follow a link to buy something related to the idea. Capturing the consumers attention and holding their interest with relevant, captivating and interesting content is anyone’s best bet to building a consumer base and making sales.