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Rodrigo Terpins has Successfully Found a Niche in Rally Driving and a Career in the Office

Give him a suit and a tie or a sports gear and Rodrigo Terpins will surprise you in both fields. He has showcased that it is possible to lead a life of two careers and emerge a winner in both.


A Sporty Family


It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Rodrigo inherited his sports blood from his father, Jack Terpins. Just like his dad, he leads an accomplished life as a sportsman and entrepreneur. His father played basketball in his earlier years before moving to the real estate sector. Rodrigo and his brother, Michael Terpins, choose the sport of car racing, a field they are soaring high. Together, they started the Sao Paulo-based Bull Sertoes Rally Team that is renowned in Brazil and the world over. The duo has participated severally in the country’s rally competitions emerging top in every race.


Top Car Racer


Rodrigo Terpins is privileged to have a partner, Fabricio Bianchini, who is also an expert in rally driving. They have mastered the game, which is perceived tough by many, making it seem simple to the eyes. According to, this expertise was showcased in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally in August 2014 where the two participated. Abode car number 326, they emerged 8th overall in a game that had attracted 38 competitors. The car race comprised of a distance of 2600 kilometers traversing two states, Minas Gerais and Goias. The race called for their total dedication and efforts. Supported by a team of ten, the pair did not disappoint. Besides ranking 8th, the duo came third in the prototypes T1 category after achieving two podium finishes.


His Office Career


Just like in sports, Rodrigo Terpins has successfully led a career in business for over twenty years. The Saint Hilaire graduate joined Lojas Marisa in April 1991. He worked there for sixteen years until March 2007. He held the position of the Operations Manager before leaving the firm. During his tenure, Rodrigo Terpins held responsibilities such as strategic planning, depot imports, electronic commerce and commercial automation among others. For almost a decade now since May 2008, he has been working at T5 Participaos. He currently holds the position of a Director of the company.