Real Weight Loss

Nutrimost Is Changing Lives One Pound At A Time

Honestly, most weight loss diets do the exact opposite of what they are intended to do. The body gets the signal that fuel is becoming scarce and starts to hold onto its fat cells with a vengeance. This can be disheartening, to say the least!
Dr. Rob Vasquez shared on the NY Daily news that he has struggled with his weight for years, putting his trust in one diet program after another without getting the result he wanted. That all changed when he discovered Nutrimost and began to follow the program, adjusting his lifestyle to address his obstacles to good health, asthma and allergies. He was able to find his optimal healing and weight loss zone, losing sixty pounds along the way. The fact that he was able to keep the weight off speaks to the legitimacy of the program, prompting Dr. Vasquez to want to offer the same success to his clients.

In his office in San Antonia, Dr. Vasquez and his staff assist their clients in transforming their bodies. They trade an unhealthy lifestyle for one that helps the body burn fat naturally by giving it the tools it needs. Each individual is taught how to adjust their own personal weight and hypothalamus set point, balance the ph and hormones inside the body, and nutritionally detoxify themselves. This plan not only accelerates weight loss but often eliminates acid reflux, asthma, fatty liver, throid issues, diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol along the path back to good health. Learn more: