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Arthur Becker: beckoned into the spotlight

An article published by The Real Deal on March 28th, 2017, provided an in-depth look into Arthur Becker’s Condominium project located at 465 Washington St. in Tribeca, N.Y. Becker originally acquired the property from Peter Moore back in 2012 for $6.1 million. Since then Becker has expanded by purchasing development rights from the owners of 461 Washington St., thus, allowing an expansion from five stories to 10 stories. Becker has also purchased a 30-foot easement from the owners of 201-206 Canal St. The building will consist of seven simplex apartments and a penthouse duplex; the units will range in size, but all will have interiors designed by Perez Hilton. Ordinarily, Becker is more of a silent partner and investor rather than the face of a development project.

Although Arthur Becker usually opts for an investor role; he has held prestigious executive positions. Such as Chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC and CEO and Board Member of NaviSite. Becker continues to hold his positions as Managing Member of Atlantic Investors LLC and Managing Director of Madison Technology Group LLC. He is more well known for his investments in Billionaires’ Row and being one of the investors involved in a conglomerated property, which sold to Alfa Development for $70 million. Based on information provided by Real Capital Analytics, Becker has invested in $550 million worth of projects in New York City.

Becker has demonstrated versatility in the world of business; Zinio LLC is the world’s largest digital newsstand and NaviSite provides internet technology services to businesses. Madison Technology Group not only operates in real estate investment but is also an investor in early stage Biotechnology. For seven years Becker also served as Senior Advisor to Vera Wang’s fashion company. Becker has had an impressive transition to finance and technology from his early beginnings building homes and running a Macadamia orchard. It seems only logical that a man with a history of expanding interests and successes would eventually step into the spotlight.