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The Brilliant Performance Of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a visionary leader, a brilliant strategist and a mentor. With over ten years in the advertising and branding industry, she has been able to not only develop a name for herself but also for the companies that she has been involved with. She tells Laura Dunn of Huffington Post that her purpose and focus began way when she was a young girl, fighting for attention from her older siblings. Being the youngest gave her a sense of direction for her life that she has utilized till date. She believes in having great dreams and taking fearless actions.

Lori has been commended for her great leadership style. She is the leader who seeks to inspire her team and motivate them to think outside the box always. She cultivates relationships with her team, which results in creative projects that she helps run for her team members. This is the type of style that she brought with her at KBS, a company that was going through a rough patch but was able to redeem it. When she joined the company, both clients and employees were taking the exit. However, with a soft spoken nature she was able to speak to them in a language they could understand, from 200 employees, the company grew to 800 employees with agencies all over the world.

Lori served at McCann Ericson Company as the president. She helped the company into advancing their markets across the globe. However, she was lured by KBS as the company’s president and chief executive officer. Her smart moves attracted KBS and they wanted her on their side. This move was devastating for McCann that they were compelled to sue KBS for her leaving. From this act, Lori proved that her input to the company was irreplaceable.

Lori shares her insights and challenges on the 3% Conference recently with her employees and women venturing into entrepreneurship. In her article Clueless or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities, she encouraged entrepreneurs to learn from the branding strategies that celebrities utilize. Lori encourages entrepreneurs to couple up and come with brands, as two is better than one. She believes that this strategy enables create a buzz to the target market which is great advertising. Moreover, having a great team enables the entrepreneurs come up with exciting products.

Lori has also established mentorship programs in her companies. Where, leaders are appointed mentees and share their knowledge with them. In so doing, she intends to inspire as many people as she can.

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