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Some unconventional uses for EOS lip balm

Lip balms have gone from relatively unknown to household essentials in just a few short years. These wonderful products allow people to keep their lips moist at all times and they also provide valuable protection from the sun. There are many amazing lip balms on the market today, but Evolution of Smooth is the top product on the market today. Evolution of Smooth has gained attention throughout the industry by including tons of Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil within their products. Their products are completely petroleum and paraben-free and have caught on with celebrities and normal consumers alike. While the products is a fantastic way to protect your lips, it also serves many other important purposes.
Unruly hair is part of everyday life, but you rarely have your hair serum on hand. Fortunately, EOS lip balm can be used to tame those unruly hairs. Warm some lip balm in your hands and then smooth down the hair that is bothering you. You can use the same method to handle unruly eyebrows.

Your eyes can get dry and saggy throughout the day and keeping up with your eye cream is difficult. Fortunately, EOS lip balm ( makes a fantastic eye cream. The lip balm will moisturize the area around your eyes and help your eyes stay hydrated.

Stickers are a wonderful part of daily life, but they also leave annoying residue. Fortunately, lip balm can help remove any residue. If you notice sticker residue anywhere, then simply apply the lip balm and in ten minutes you can wipe the residue away.

Lip balm has many wonderful uses, but the most important purpose is taking care of your lips. EOS lip balm is ideal for those that want to keep their lips moist and protected from the sun. The sales are exploding as everyone wants to take care of their lips. EOS lip balm products are available online at and at Ulta Beauty. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page.

How does lip balm work?

Lip balms are marketed towards those who suffer from dry, chapped, or cracked lips and therefore use lip balms to moisturize their lips. Why this is essential and important and which lip balms are most helpful will be the focus of this article.

Unlike most of the skin on your body, the skin on your lips is relatively thin and does not have oil ducts directly below it. Instead there are blood vessels near the surface that leap to a pink hue to your lips. It also makes them susceptible to dryness and without the oil ducts below the surface, leads people to seek out alternative ways to moisturizer their lips. Licking the lips only leads to even drier lips thereby compounding the problem.

People will generally turn to products that contain emollients which moisturizer the skin. Some brands I’ll use petroleum jelly as an emollient, while others will use higher quality and all natural oils as an emollients. For example, Evolution of Smooth (EOS lip balm) uses the high quality Shea butter and jojoba oil as an emollient which leads to a longer lasting moisturizer for the lips.

Most lip balms don’t just add moisture to your lips; instead they seal dryness out and let your lips retain what moisture they contain. For this purpose an all natural lip balm like EOS does wonders as it prevents and protects your lips from dryness without adding in substances that could have other side effects. See, for product listing.

Dryness, given the design of a person’s lips is somewhat inevitable. However the pain and discomfort of it can be minimized with a lip balm that forms an layer of protection against dryness and adds in some moisture to your lips. Look for high quality lip balms with the attributes noted above for the best results. Brands like EOS lip balm and Burt’s Bees truly stand out with their ingredient list and track record. Visit the company’s Linked In profile for more info.

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