The Exciting Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Model Proves Beneficial For Wine Guides

Working and making substantially good money at home sounds good, but it sounds even better if the job is enjoyable. Traveling Vineyard presents people with a perfect opportunity of working as wine agents for its world recognized wines, without necessarily leaving their homes. The Massachusetts-based wine tasting and distribution company has done this for the last 16 years, and up to today, it has managed to employ tens of thousands of wine guides.

Working as an Agent

Working as a wine guide in America is not only easy and enjoyable but also highly profitable. Going by the data filed at the Wine Institute, Americans consume nearly 3 gallons of wine annually. What this means is that wine guides have their jobs well cut out for all they do is reach out to these wine enthusiasts and convince them why Traveling Vineyard is the best wine supplier in the country. The market is relatively large and bearing in mind how welcoming wine lovers are, making inroads into new markets is relatively easy.

The Traveling Vineyard Model

The Traveling Vineyard wine tasting model is tailored for the benefit of the wine agent. Unlike in other sales jobs where sales agents are given lower and upper limits for the volumes they can sell, wine guides are given the liberty to make as many or as little sales as they deem fit. One is appreciated as per the hard work that he puts in.

For a start, wine agents are required to purchase a Success Kit that serves as the starter pack. The kit comes with several wine bottles that are enough for a couple of wine tasting events, among other essential apparatus. It also contains a Personal Estate Website that guides the guide on the dos and don’ts in the job. The website is free within the first three months, after which a low fee is required. As for the Success Kit, the cost is very low compared with the benefits that it comes with it to learn more about his Social Media: click here.

Social Media Presence

Since social media is currently the most efficient campaign platform, Traveling Vineyard has a substantial presence in nearly all social media platforms. The company manages accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.