Basic Tips on How to Prepare for a Life Line Screening Preventative Care Test

Making time to have preventative screening for potential health conditions could possibly save a person’s life. These tests could be conducted by an established organization such as Life Line Screening. There are some steps an individual could take to prepare for a Life Line Screening health test. The majority of the tests given through Life Line are considered to be non-invasive, which means there is very little preparation required. All of the tests involving blood panels are completed through a basic finger prick blood sample. In most instances the preparation for a test done as a preventative measure requires the individual to wear loose clothing with shirts that have short sleeves. This makes it easier for the technicians to take the person’s vital signs.

In addition to the finger prick methods for blood tests, Life Line Screening also uses ultrasound and EKG testing. While most of their tests do not require any type of special preparation, there are some instances when the individual being tested might be required to go through a period of fasting. If a blood panel is being done for the purpose of checking glucose or cholesterol levels, the person is required to fast for a minimum of 8 hours before testing begins. Testing for an abdominal aortic aneurysm allows the individual to eat something light as long as it is within a minimum of 4 hours prior to having their preventative screening test.

The process of testing as a means of preventative care, is accomplished more precisely when the people being tested comply with the requirements set forth for their particular test. In addition to wearing loose clothing and possibly fasting, the Life Line Screening service could also require that cell phones be turned off. This is especially important when the electrical waves of a cell phone could interfere with the equipment being used for the test, which could make the results less precise. Anyone interested in having a preventative health test completed through Life Line Screening would benefit from visiting their website. This organization’s website provides detailed information on how to prepare for the individual tests they conduct.

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Rick Shinto Steers InnovaCare Health To Attain International Standards

Every healthcare services provider looks forward to developing a strong system that is furnished with the best features. However, this is a process that takes a lot of time and resources and to make ultimate changes, the people holding leadership positions should be visionary and willing to pursue the difficult terrain. With the government introducing Medicare and Medicaid programs, managed healthcare companies found new opportunities to explore the healthcare industry. The ideas the government had at this time was to build a system that invites private companies to contribute in the construction of the healthcare sector and probably raise the quality of services provided to the citizens.

InnovaCare Health embraced the new ideas immediately they were launched and the company stuck to offering high quality Medicare plans alongside other physician practice services. Within the last six years, InnovaCare Health experienced an increase in the total number of users of different programs, particularly Medicare Advantage. Medicare members alone increased from below 50,000 to more than 260,000 towards the end of 2016.

Many things inspired this shift, one of them being the fact that InnovaCare Health made structural changes that consequently allowed the development of a seamless service delivery system. The efficiency that came with the system translated to lower operational costs, which were transferred to users through lower rates for various services. Above all reasons, good leadership could be cited as the main reason InnovaCare Health saw a sharp shift in performance to rank among the best physician practice services providers across the country.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare Inc., is an expert in clinical healthcare who has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. His previous experiences include working as the CEO at Aveta Inc for six years from 2008. The company was sold in 2012 and in the same year he exited to join InnovaCare Health as the President and CEO. Dr. Rick Shinto served at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer prior to getting appointed the CEO of Aveta Inc. He also worked with MedPartners and managed the Cal Optima Health Plan within Orange County.

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Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has been the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Inc., since 2015, is a leader who has diligently served in the healthcare sector for over 20 years, offering solutions to various challenges ailing the industry. She is particularly experienced in Medicaid and Medicare as well as other government-sponsored programs.

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Review Of InnovaCare’s Quality Healthcare Services

Medicare Advantage Plans are required to cover all the services that are provided under the Original Medicare. In this plan, Hospice care is not included. However, original Medical Care has been designed to cover hospice care even if an individual is in a Medicare Advantage Plan. All Medicare Advantage Plans seeks to cover individuals on urgently needed care and emergencies. Under Medicare, the plan has the option of choosing not to cover service costs that are not deemed medically necessary. If an individual is not sure of the services covered on his or her plan, it is advisable to check with the provider before subscribing to any service.

Medicare Advantage Plan has the merit of offering extra coverage to vision, health and wellness, dental and hearing programs. Most of the plans incorporate the Medicare prescription drug coverage, which is included in Part D. In addition, above one’s part B premium, an individual will have to pay a monthly premium under the Medicare Advantage Plan. This year, most individuals have been paying $104.9 per month as part of their Part B premium. If an individual is interested in a service that is not considered medically necessary, then such an individual may have to pay for the different costs of the service. However, one has the right to appeals such decisions.

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About InnovaCare Health

Over the years, InnovaCare Health has been redefining the management of healthcare by offering better quality Medicare Advantage Plans. In addition, the company has been developing creative provider network models. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare has been operating 2 Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans are the PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership base of these 2 plans is almost 200,000 persons. Over 7500 network providers serve these individuals. The company’s top priority is its patients. Across North America, InnovaCare is striving to coordinate innovative care and quality to patients.

InnovaCare has been registering impressive profitability and customer satisfaction rates owing to proper stewardship. The president and CEO of the company is Dr. Richard Shinto. Previously, Dr. Rick Shinto served as Aveta’s president. He has over 20 years experience in operational healthcare and clinical matters. He began his medical career as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of the corporation. Previously, she served the company as the chief operating officer. The other leaders of the company are Douglas Malton, Michael Sortino, Christopher Joyce and Jonathan Meyers.

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