Basic Tips on How to Prepare for a Life Line Screening Preventative Care Test

Making time to have preventative screening for potential health conditions could possibly save a person’s life. These tests could be conducted by an established organization such as Life Line Screening. There are some steps an individual could take to prepare for a Life Line Screening health test. The majority of the tests given through Life Line are considered to be non-invasive, which means there is very little preparation required. All of the tests involving blood panels are completed through a basic finger prick blood sample. In most instances the preparation for a test done as a preventative measure requires the individual to wear loose clothing with shirts that have short sleeves. This makes it easier for the technicians to take the person’s vital signs.

In addition to the finger prick methods for blood tests, Life Line Screening also uses ultrasound and EKG testing. While most of their tests do not require any type of special preparation, there are some instances when the individual being tested might be required to go through a period of fasting. If a blood panel is being done for the purpose of checking glucose or cholesterol levels, the person is required to fast for a minimum of 8 hours before testing begins. Testing for an abdominal aortic aneurysm allows the individual to eat something light as long as it is within a minimum of 4 hours prior to having their preventative screening test.

The process of testing as a means of preventative care, is accomplished more precisely when the people being tested comply with the requirements set forth for their particular test. In addition to wearing loose clothing and possibly fasting, the Life Line Screening service could also require that cell phones be turned off. This is especially important when the electrical waves of a cell phone could interfere with the equipment being used for the test, which could make the results less precise. Anyone interested in having a preventative health test completed through Life Line Screening would benefit from visiting their website. This organization’s website provides detailed information on how to prepare for the individual tests they conduct.

About Life Line Screening:

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