Global Activism

Positive Civic Demonstration towards Human Rights by the Avaaz Activists

The word Avaaz stands for voice as many different languages would suggest, but, on the other hand, it is a name that describes a certain civic organization that is based in New York. Avaaz was launched in the year 2007 and is there to primarily condemn any form of corruption whatsoever. The movement was founded by a Canadian- British president Ricken Patel in conjunction with Res-Publica as its co founder. The organization promotes global activism as a democratic sign to fight issues related to human rights, corruption, poverty, conflict, and animal rights among others. Avaaz is a global organization which has influence to almost all nations worldwide and additionally, it does not depend on any external funding to carry out its activities.

Two years after the organization was launched, Avaaz has been strong and moving while it has stayed independent. The movement has been depending on member funding that up to date ranges at $ 20 million. Besides, Avaaz has been able to conduct various campaigns globally with their support primarily coming from top campaigners with networks from over 30 countries. Countries such as Brazil, Lebanon, and India are among its top supporters. Avaaz campaign trails have been successful in time. The organization has deployed high end tactics and communication skills of which have enabled easy activity within the organization. In case of any campaign suggestions, there are a team of specialists that supplement for guidance.

Communication is therefore conducted via email and online public petitions and videos. The Avaaz organization is a legal movement and for these reasons, they have to take commission legal advice and advertisement procedures before conducting any form of campaign. Some of the ways that Avaaz uses while demonstrating are; through rallies, sit-ins, phone-ins, and stunts that are media friendly among others. Demonstrations by Avaaz have been accepted by many communities globally, where it has been proved to be peaceful and with much relevance to community.