The Value of the book “They Cant Eat You”

I just finished reading the book entitled “They Can’t Eat You,” by Marc Sparks. This novel was eye opening and has really added value to my own entrepreneurial skills that I am currently trying to perfect.

His little tips though out the book are nicely paired up with moments of inspiration and motivational speaking which has the power to instill confidence into the reader. The Book left me with a calm and organized attitude towards the subject of start-ups crushing some of the fears and questions I had before reading it.

This essential guide really portrays how the features and benefits of following certain keys to success with hard work and imagination can lead one to financial prosperity. You can really tell that the author spent a lot of time perfecting the teachings and writings as some of this information would be understandably hard to find elsewhere. I also love his trademark quotes as well one of them being “Tough times don’t last—tough people do!”-Marc Sparks – They Can’t Eat You: Marc Sparks: 9780990495000

I am also fascinated by the author himself Mark Sparks (read more at GoodReads and who was a C+ high school, graduate with no formal higher education. He then moved on to become a major contender in the world of start-up firms and is now sharing his secrets with other aspiring business innovators. One project derived from his philanthropic nature is called The Samaritan Inn which is a program that helps individuals and families who are currently homeless to learn life skills that promote lifelong self sufficiency.

Mark Sparks currently has a business portfolio of six companies and has created over sixty start-up firms which are impressive to say the least. His financial success, although obviously productive, can be truly appreciated though the eyes of his proud community projects aimed at supporting and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

Along with his business success Marc is a devoted father with one daughter whom he refers to as a “Triple Threat” defining her as smart along with beautiful on the inside and outside.

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