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The Success of Thor Halvorssen

Human rights is a growing issue in present day as violations around the world continue to expand despite the many efforts of protestors as well as of non-profit organizations all over the world. Of the many initiatives all over the world, one individual stands out due to his driven attitude towards human rights as well as his leadership that has inspired individuals from all over the world to continue to fight for human rights and universal freedom in even some of the most oppressed countries. This individual is known as Thor Halvorssen, an individual who is known for his efforts and an individual who has always thought of himself as a citizen of the world with roots from all over the world in both Latin America as well as in Scandinavia. Thor Halvorssen knows many languages, cultures, as well as customs and is not afraid to risk his life in order to help others.

Thor Halvorssen has been beaten, imprisoned, as well as threatened with his life on several occasions from countries that do not like his efforts in order to spread universal rights all over the world. Thor Halvorssen has been a part of protests and has been the cause of protests in countries all over the world where human rights are not as celebrated or appreciated by the rulers. Thor Halvorssen has the overall goal of changing this in order to make sure that the world continues to evolve and to grow to become a better and safer place to live in for the future.

Thor Halvorssen is a proud member of the Human Rights Foundation, a large foundation that is located in New York City that receives constant funding from businesses, other non-profits, as well as from government efforts. The Human Rights Foundation has an excellent reputation for helping others and has countless success stories that will continue to repeated in the future to come. Thor Halvorssen hopes to make sure that every individual around the world has a voice and does not feel fear when they want to express their opinions or even speak out for others to follow.