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America Says Goodbye to Bill Paxton

Actor Bill Paxton recently joined the celebrity morgue after living for 61 years and spending more than 40 of those years entertaining the world in television shows and movies. Paxton’s most memorable roles are the roles of Chet in the 80s movie “Weird Science” and the role of Brock in “Titanic.” Paxton exhibited stellar acting skills as he portrayed people with various personality types. The role of Chet was that of a mean-spirited older brother who blackmailed and abused his little brother for sport. That role was completely different from the LAPD detective he played in other shows and the mild-mannered person of Brock in “Titanic.”  But one of his most well known roles were in one of the best shows on HBO go “Big Love”.

Of course we all know his most famous line in movie history:

The cause of death in Paxton’s incident was heart failure. He suffered a stroke after he had surgery on his heart. His autopsy revealed some serious heart issues. The risky surgery that he recently ended was to repair a heart aneurysm. Paxton lost the battle against the surgery, but America will remember the gifts that he provided to his fans.

Paxton’s current project that he was involved in when his death occurred was the televised remake of the blockbuster movie “Training Day.” “Training Day” was the movie that Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke brought to life in 2001. Developers revamped and televised the theme in an interesting way, and Paxton was proud to be a part of its birth and presentation. Producers say that they will not replace Paxton’s character with another actor on the show.

Mr. Paxton leaves behind his wife, Louise Newberry, and their children, James and Lydia. They will all great miss him just as his fans across the world will miss him.