Kate Hudson Focuses on Niche Market with Fabletics

Fabletics has become one of the most popular websites for women that are trying to build their athletic clothing wardrobe. Kate Hudson is the co-founder, and she has the athletic frame of someone that actually works out. She is a businesswoman and a user of the clothing that she is marketing. That makes it much easier for her to tap into the mind of the consumer. Hudson has proven and a relatively short amount of time that she can navigate business operations online and offline with no problems.

She has the online site and it reaches customers in Canada, Australia and America. For her brick-and-mortar stores she is connecting with customers with store locations in Hawaii, Missouri, California and Washington. She is planning to develop even more stores throughout the United States, and this is going to give her an even greater angle for competing. The competitive gain that Kate Hudson has with Fabletics is that she is willing to take the risk of going offline. Many companies build an online presence and this saves the amount of money that is spent on operating costs. With Hudson she knows that there is a greater amount of profit that can be earned with the online crowd, but subscription services can be promoted offline by her sales team in Fabletics stores.


Fabletics is competing heavily against Amazon, and this is a very big battle. Amazon sells everything and Fabletics caters to women that are in search of athletic clothing. This is the only thing that Kate Hudson markets. She recognizes this niche market, and she makes every effort to focus solely on the position that she has created with Fabletics. Many people have become interested in this because they want comfortable clothes for working out. They do not want to be in a position where they are buying garments that do not support the type of workouts that they are doing. Fortunately, Hudson has presented all types of garments for people that are simply trying to build a wardrobe without spending a fortune. She has already gained the attention of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, and she has a lot of other fans that are supporting the brand through social media.


This type of social media support has given Kate Hudson exactly what she needs to move forward and build a brand that can live on for many years. She has taken a back seat in the acting world and put her focus largely on the Fabletics brand. This focus on growing her company has given her the ability to move forward and gain even more recognition. Customers are realizing that this may be one of the most interesting brands when it comes to style and affordability. There are not a lot of other companies out there that are strictly focused on clothing for women only so Kate Hudson has a chance to lead against a company like Amazon that sells everything. With Fabletics the focus is solely on one demographic consumer base.

Lime Crime Continues Rolling Out Best-Sellers

Fashion has taken some interesting steps over the years with trends led by enterprising individuals with the brilliance and courage to take fashion outside the box. Rarely though do brands tap into that individuality with constant regularity with every product release but every so often a “unicorn” appears. For this generation that unicorn is led by the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere, a brilliant entrepreneur with not only a keen sense of style and color but a keen sense of business acumen as well.


Doe Deere’s line of products selling under the name Lime Crime has not only redefined what women are able to wear but how small start-up can become international successes.


Whether it is her line of lipsticks in bold colors or metallic shades of eye liner, Doe Deere has continuously produced products that speak to the individual nature inherent within the entire brand.


So it should come as no surprise that the latest products to be released have garnered attention across the entire beauty blogosphere.


Lime Crime’s line of hair dyes created for unicorns by unicorns has caught the attention of Bustle’s writing team.


The bright colored dyes come in both a semi-permanent and permanent formulas while being completely vegan and natural.


Adding to the hype surrounding the new product release is the unknown release date, as of now the Unicorn Hair Dye is mysteriously marked coming soon on the Lime Crime’s web store.


The entire article detailing the new product release is available at Bustle’s blog which you can visit by clicking here.

Athleisure Alongside Fabletics

Athleisure has made a lot of waves in the fashion industry, especially with Fabletics. However, there are other stores that are carrying this style of clothing. JCPenny has a section for Fabletics. However, JCPenny is only a supplier of different brands of clothing. Even in the athleisure category of clothing, there is a limit to what is available. Fabletics designs the clothing for its own shop. Therefore, people will find a much wider variety of clothes than they would with stores of companies that just supply different clothes. If there is one thing that people find exciting about fashion, it is looking for the companies that design their own clothes so that they will be able to attract customers.


With Fabletics, there is a passion for this type of fashion that is not found with other designers. They are all about the art of the fashion. For one thing, the designers love the aesthetics of the shapes they come up with. They pay very little attention to the expectations of some sources. The only thing they pay attention is to what is selling and perhaps some of the suggestions of the customers. Often times, fashion experts show a lot of limit as to what is considered fashionable.


Fabletics not only goes outside of the box when it comes to style, they show people that fashionable items exist outside of their perceived limits. They also show that it is possible to be fashionable in an area that is not one of the most fashionable areas. They have taken the athletic clothing area of fashion and given it a major overhaul. With people being able to look really fashionable even while working out, they are going to find it to be very enjoyable to dress even for a workout.


Fashion is something that is meant to help people with autonomy. While people that are dressed well are admired, it is more respectable for people to express their own sense of style even if it is not conventional. This will help people feel comfortable with actually trying on that piece of clothing that they are curious about.