Fashion Statement

Fabletics Review

Fabletics is a popular athleisure brand that was founded about five years ago. The company was designed to fit the needs of those who had active lifestyles. The clothing is very high quality and stylish. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded the company, they wanted to partner with someone who would represent their company correctly. They needed someone who would look good in their clothes as well. They ended up seeking Kate Hudson. Kate turned out to be an amazing pick for the company and has shown tremendous efforts in helping the company succeed. Through thick and thin, Kate stuck it out and turned Fabletics into a very successful company.

When Fabletics first started there were a few problems that held the company back. The company had issues keeping track of their inventory. While the clothing was popular, customers were upset to find that some of their favorite options sold out very quickly. The issue was a result of a malfunction in the inventory system within the Fabletics company. The resulting factor was that Fabletics received bad customer satisfaction reviews. For Fabletics to be successful they would have to leverage the power of the crowd.

Consumer reviews are very impacting on a business. If the reviews are bad then the business will not be able to attract new customers. A recent study examined the statistics regarding customer reviews and the success of a company. It was found that the customer review is much more important than it was originally perceived. The study showed that 60% of people said they would not buy a product or use a company if the customer reviews on them were bad. Additionally, 84% said they trusted online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from someone they knew. Fabletics had bad customer reviews and therefore could not have breakthrough success. They needed to change something so that they could have the success that they needed. They needed to use the power of the consumers.

Kate Hudson had an amazing impact on Fabletics. She listened to the customers and made the changes that they were asking for. The first change that she needed to make was to the inventory system. Kate and the company began using an upgraded system that would do a better job of keeping track of the inventory. The next factory that Fabletics changed was their customer service team. They put a lot of time and effort into making their customer service much more helpful. After they heard the complaints of the customers and made changes accordingly, the company began to thrive.

Within a year, Fabletics grew by a whopping 43% in sales. The company now has very high customer satisfaction rates and has been noted as having a very helpful customer service team. Kate Hudson was there through all of the companies problems. She never gave up and provided amazing contributions to get the company out of their rut. Fabletics has evolved into a $250 million company with millions of customers.

EOS’s Unique Flavors

The lip balm industry darling, EOS, is known for its orb shaped container in pastel shades, as well as its great price point of $3 on Walmart and Target stores, and the fresh flavors. The lip balms are made of all natural and organic ingredients, the formula creates the softest of lips, and the flavors are delicious. Per a recent article published on the Fast Company website, the brand is known for flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit. The tastes are light, fresh, and lip smacking good. The Evolution of Smooth is really on to something with their feminine presentation and lightly flavored lip balms.

EOS broke away from the usual way of business within the oral care market and carved out a women centric brand in a market niche that had heretofore been unisex. Blistex and Chapstick, the two brands that had dominated the market for decades prior to EOS coming on the scene, had marketed themselves as purely utilitarian products with no frills. EOS turned all of that on its head and created a brand that women wanted to include in their daily beauty routines. The fruit and minty flavors make the products much less medicinal and much more fun.

By breaking away from lip balms with flavor choices of none, cherry, and mint, and creating innovative flavors, EOS lip balm opened up the market beyond chapped lip sufferers. Lip balms also add shine and gloss in addition to keeping smiles moisturized. EOS takes that a step further and creates a feeling of a beauty accessory. Not quite makeup, but more than a basic tool to combat chapped lips, EOS bridges the gap between the two and fills a gap that had been left untapped for decades. EOS lip balms, contained in fun shaped orbs, appeal to women who want soft lips and great taste.