Energy Criris

Energy Crisis in Venezuela

However, they have come up with quite an interesting plan to attempt to start to rectify the energy problem. In an attempt to save some energy, the country has declared that for the months of April and May of this year, every single Friday will be a National holiday. This means that workers will not be expected to be at work during these days, which will end up hopefully saving quite a bit of energy. This has come after a long drought has caused a massive amount of problems across the country, leading to these drastic measures. David Osio believes the country hopes that these Fridays that have been declared non-work days will at least make a dent in the problem, although there is no question that there are going to have to be other means of conservation in order to really fix the issues that Venezuela is dealing with. Osio says the plan also is calling for large shopping centers, and other large businesses to attempt to power their own buildings for up to nine hours a day, as they are really trying to come at every angle to solve the problem, although there are also additional plans in the works to try to attempt to resolve the energy crisis.