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Beneful – Ingredients you can trust

Many people are seeking the benefits of premium dog food because of the natural, wholesome ingredients. Most dog owners find that they don’t mind spending the extra money to ensure that their dogs are getting the proper nutrition needed to thrive and live a healthy life. Purina Beneful is a premium dog food that has been on the market for a long time, offering selective choices aimed to please your breed, behavior and overall health for you fur baby.
Purina Beneful adult original dog food ( is the perfect choice for your healthy adult dog. Most dogs that are in good health and aren’t experiencing any difficulties can benefit from this type of dog food. Beneful ensures that each kibble is packed with ingredients you can see, and a delicious blend of natural flavors that are enriched with what your dog needs to continue to thrive each day.

Purina Beneful also offers on Wal-Mart a healthy weight dog food that is calorie conscious for our overweight dogs, or some dogs that tend to have a habit to be overweight. This type of dog food is packed with natural ingredients as well but you won’t find it packed with fillers to make your dog feel food. They will feel satisfied because of the wholesome ingredients packed into each bite. has a healthy puppy selection that you can choose from with DHA which is essential for brain function and other developing strengths. When puppies are little, they need special dog food to fuel their energy, but keep them growing at a rate that is essential to their overall health. We all know that if puppies grow too fast, it can be a bad deal, so the playful puppy is packed with ingredients that allow them to thrive at the rate they should be.

Playful life dog food is a protein rich diet that is essential for those dogs that are extra energetic, and just need a little more boost to keep them going. Playful life is packed with real beef and eggs to ensure that your dog is getting extra protein to sustain their energetic life.