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Todd Lubar: Working Hard and Creating Trustful and Honest Working Relationships to Drive Growth and Success

Todd Lubar can best be described as an entrepreneur with a heart for the others. The two decades that he worked in the finance and credit sector opened up his eyes to the barriers that most people face in trying to get a loan. A desire grew in him to design a product that would eliminate the barriers, which according to saw the birth of TDL Global Ventures. He has also had his hand in other sectors including real estate, entertainment, mortgage banking, and construction.


What Works For Him


Todd Lubar found his focus from early in life. He had a job in a grocery store in his high school days that taught him the value of hard work. He has relentlessly utilized this lesson over the years to reach the heights that he has. Todd has learned the trick of putting his day in perspective by keeping abreast with the happenings in the industry. Scrolling through his page and the news and a quick workout jumpstarts his day and gives him the energy to go through the day.


Todd Lubar is a man who is cautious about the relationships he keeps. His days are surrounded by people who challenge him, making him work harder to achieve growth. He ensures that trust and honesty exist between him and his team which creates an amiable working culture. Besides, the staff finds it easy to share their ideas and opinions which drive productivity and growth. Making informed decisions is important to any business and Todd knows this fact too well. His trick is keeping his hands on every aspect of his business that keeps him aware of all happenings. Todd has had his fair share of challenges but has learned to count his losses and bounce back to the game.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar began his career after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. He worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Legacy Financial Group, Charter Funding and Priority Financial Services.


Throughout his career, Todd Lubar made remarkable achievements. For instance, his input helped grow the loan volume in Legacy Financial to over 100 million dollars a year. He never lacked in the top 25 list of mortgage originators in the United States.



Buying an Investment Property

Over the years, investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth. There are a lot of people who are excited about the opportunities that come through in Brazil on Facebook. With the population and economic growth over the past ten years, there is a lot of opportunity for people who are willing to jump in and start investing. With that being said, you also need to think of ways to start taking your finances to a new level. If you are ready to start investing, Construcap is a company that can help you during that process. They have a track record of success in working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. For more information, you can visit them in person or go to their website. If this is the first time you will be buying real estate, it is highly recommended to get some advice.

Finding a Property

If you want to find a property to invest in, you need to figure out a way to find it before anyone else. Over the long term, it is highly recommended to spend a large amount of time finding your first property on YouTube. It is always better to think about ways to pass on a property because it does not fit your numbers. A lot of people today are just rushing in to buy a property because they want to be investors. Although investing in real estate is exciting, it is much better to do so methodically and with a plan. Construcap can help you with this part of the equation.


When the company was started, few people thought that Construcap would get to where it is today. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work and success of this company over the long term. If you are ready to start investing for the future, work with Construcap on a plan to help you get there. Many people today have the passion to start investing, they just lack the experience that is needed to get there in a variety of ways.


OSI Group – A Global Pacesetter In The Food Industry


The company was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who settled in Illinois. OSI group is a well-known food processing company that specializes in value-added protein foodstuffs.

The company has gone ahead to partner with other food retail brands in order to give satisfactory results to the customers. The company operates in 17 countries world over. Some of these countries include The USA, Austria, Australia, The United kingdom among many others. OSI group is driven by core values, these core values include Integrity, working together as a team, and creating partnerships.

Careers and Employment

The company has a workforce of over 20,000 people and 65 facilities that are distributed across the 17 countries. OSI group values its own employees by providing them with a conducive environment. The environment is challenging and exciting, this brings out the maximum potential of an employee. At OSI, the rewarding of employees is well taken care of and is given necessary priority. OSI group employs people who are motivated, passionate and creative. This ensures a good flow of innovative ideas that drive the company to greater heights. Everyone is valued and has an equal opportunity to vent out their ideas. Qualified individuals are given equal opportunities regardless of their background in terms of sex, religion or race.

Acquisition of Baho Food

Initially, Baho Food was a dutch company that had specialties similar to those of OSI group. Baho was a manufacturer of deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. However, the financial transactions involving the acquisition of Baho Food were never made public. Baho Food had plants in Germany and in The Netherlands, it had five subsidiaries and these include Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Gelderland Frichwaren. The acquisition of these facilities has expanded the presence of OSI group in Europe as Baho served 18 European countries. The managing team at Baho will continue to work with OSI group to develop strategies geared towards further growth in Europe.


Indeed, it is only fair to state that OSI group is a global leader when its comes to the food industry. It is a company that is driven by solid core values that ensure guaranteed quality. The employees are motivated and are provided with a conducive environment to work. OSI group is simply a pacesetter in all aspects of its operations.

Rick Shinto Steers InnovaCare Health To Attain International Standards

Every healthcare services provider looks forward to developing a strong system that is furnished with the best features. However, this is a process that takes a lot of time and resources and to make ultimate changes, the people holding leadership positions should be visionary and willing to pursue the difficult terrain. With the government introducing Medicare and Medicaid programs, managed healthcare companies found new opportunities to explore the healthcare industry. The ideas the government had at this time was to build a system that invites private companies to contribute in the construction of the healthcare sector and probably raise the quality of services provided to the citizens.

InnovaCare Health embraced the new ideas immediately they were launched and the company stuck to offering high quality Medicare plans alongside other physician practice services. Within the last six years, InnovaCare Health experienced an increase in the total number of users of different programs, particularly Medicare Advantage. Medicare members alone increased from below 50,000 to more than 260,000 towards the end of 2016.

Many things inspired this shift, one of them being the fact that InnovaCare Health made structural changes that consequently allowed the development of a seamless service delivery system. The efficiency that came with the system translated to lower operational costs, which were transferred to users through lower rates for various services. Above all reasons, good leadership could be cited as the main reason InnovaCare Health saw a sharp shift in performance to rank among the best physician practice services providers across the country.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare Inc., is an expert in clinical healthcare who has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. His previous experiences include working as the CEO at Aveta Inc for six years from 2008. The company was sold in 2012 and in the same year he exited to join InnovaCare Health as the President and CEO. Dr. Rick Shinto served at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer prior to getting appointed the CEO of Aveta Inc. He also worked with MedPartners and managed the Cal Optima Health Plan within Orange County.

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Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, who has been the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Inc., since 2015, is a leader who has diligently served in the healthcare sector for over 20 years, offering solutions to various challenges ailing the industry. She is particularly experienced in Medicaid and Medicare as well as other government-sponsored programs.

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Why Cotemar Is the Company to Watch in Mexico’s Oil Industry

Petroleum is a major economic earner in Mexico. The country has profited immensely over the years due to the vast quantities of oil within the Gulf. As such, numerous companies have taken the initiative of exploring oil with the sole purpose of reaping maximum profits. None has benefited and dominated the industry as Cotemar has over the years.

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in lodging and the provision of food services to its esteemed clients. Such services are provided courtesy of specialized vessels at the company’s disposal. Additionally, they strive to provide safe and high-quality services that satisfy the expectations of customers.

Services Offered

Cotemar operates within three distinct divisions in the quest for efficient service delivery. Such units consist of:
• The provision of marine support & specialized boats-the company possesses an abundance of boats to meet the emerging needs of clients. From transportation of materials to the movement of guests, your needs are fully catered for.

• The construction and maintenance of processing centers-these services entail the rehabilitation and maintenance of processing centers to expedite execution of tasks. Such duties are supported by the presence of semi-submersible vessels fitted with dynamic positioning to expedite movement from one location to another.

• Food and lodging-Cotemar is proud to boast a team of highly-skilled professionals that prepare exquisite meals and engage in laundry activities. Washing, pressing and food preparation form the bulk of duties completed by in-house employees.

Cotemar’s History and Values

Since its formation in 1979, Cotemar has scaled the corporate heights to become a leading service provider in Mexico. Cotemar has formed a formidable partnership with Petroleos Mexicanos to facilitate its offshore tasks with the aid of specialized vessels. Just like any other firm, Cotemar is guided by mission and values that dictate the nature of services provided. For instance, they adopt a strict code of guidelines based on cutting-edge technology, environmental protection, institutional values and meeting high-quality standards to satisfy their clients.

How Sustainability Obligations Are Met

Cotemar adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporate the host community in various projects as well as provide services to customers. To achieve this, they have had to include business ethics, community, quality of life and the environment to its core operations. Each principle plays a vital role in the realization of company goals and objectives.

Employment Prospects

The dedication is dedicated to employing highly skilled professionals to generate revenue for Cotemar. For instance, hired individuals are taken through a training program to hone their skills in line with the business’s objectives. Additionally, they are molded into all-rounded individuals that worked in any department in the enterprise.