David Osio Connects With Clients Through New App


David Osio has announced that his real estate group, the Davos Real estate Group, will take a concerted step forward in its relationship with clients by connecting with them via a new app.


Osio’s group worked closely with tech company Tecknolution through ever step of development of the Davos Cap Calculator, making sure that it meets the group’s functionality needs while also being easy to use and engaging. The Davos Cap Calculator was made with Osio’s clients in mind, particularly those already engaged in the process of finding properties worth investing in. With the app, clients have access to tools designed to help them determine the potential fees and taxes they might have to pay and how it will affect their return on investment. With this information at their disposal, clients find themselves in a position of being informed when seeking properties worth investing in, making them more invested in weighing the advice given to them by agent of the Davos Real Estate Group.


The Davos Cap Calculator is only the first app Osio has released, but it will be followed by a larger campaign focused on mobile technology. In the months to follow the Davos Cap Calculator’s release several apps will be made available to clients, providing them a whole host of tools to calculate the cost of investing and projections of what could be earned in the near future. There will also be a focus on increasing the client’s access to information such as property history. The first in this series will be the Mortgage Calculator, which will let these clients map out the potential monthly expenditure that would follow when purchasing a property and seeking a loan from banks.


Osio’s new focus on technology comes as the Davos Real Estate Group announces that it will be breaking into the Spanish real estate market in an effort to conduct its businesses in countries across Europe.


Clients can get their hands on the Davos Cap Calculator right now by accessing the app marketplace on their Android or iOS mobile devices.


About David Osio:


Founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group, David Osio has risen as one of the most recognizable names in finance. Thanks to a developed knowledge of business strategy, Osio has made a number of lasting partnerships with companies servicing disparate industries.


Having remained involved in the daily operations of his business, Osio has remained influential in the Davos Financial Group’s continues success in Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States.