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How Chapstick Was Conquered by Eos as a Startup in the Lip Balm Industry

Chapstick has been the go to lip balm shopping option for the longest time. These cylindrical lip balms felt ideal with a complete soothing ingredient in them. What’s more, always a variety to cater for everyone ranging from the bold and wild would go for cherry to those who wanted to keep things subtle by option for the original or tasteless flavors. However, seven years ago, EOS came to change all this with their pastel colored orbs balms. This brand filled different store shelves including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target and Lucky Vitamin. In fact, editors of beauty sections of different magazines cannot seem to get enough of the EOS lip balm as they rave about the varied flavors. In addition to these, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were seen using the brand in public making it even more popular.

The evolution of Smooth (EOS, products are seen splashing pages of magazines. However, the company’s founders are still silent about the company strategy. They disclosed in an exclusive interview with Fast Food Company that they have managed to create a 250 million dollar company that is ranked second in the industry after Burt’s Bee. They have been able to successfully compete with companies such as Blistex and Chapstick that have been in the industry for a longer time.

According to Kline Research, EOS has transformed the oral care industry on its own. It is currently doing weekly sales of one million dollars and its prospects for the future seem to be very promising. This is because the lip care industry market is projected to make a 2 billion steady increase by the end of 2020. This is because more people are demanding natural products for their lips thus give EOS an edge as this is their area of specialty.

EOS Cocreators Gives Exclusive Details on Their Success

It’s hard for anyone today not to know what EOS lip balm is. Whether hearing the name or seeing the product itself, it has become a familiar item in the beauty and lip balm world. It has gained so much popularity in drug stores that it has outdone the common, well-known Chapstick brand. EOS has stormed the market with a new look and flavor that offers more options than the usual, boring tubes of lip balm many were once too familiar with, and almost sick of.

The creators behind Evolution of Smooth (EOS) spoke with the people of Fast Company to explain their business strategy. The details of how their company became such a success was never before discussed. Due to their success, they have become the second top-selling lip balm brand. According to, research has shown that the future is bright for EOS. They currently sell 1 million units a day and sales are expected to increase steadily.

Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky teamed up to come up with a product unlike any other. Due to the nature of the current lip balm market, they saw a product that could be improved upon. Then EOS was born. Before it hit the shelves, Dubitsky left for another company. Mehra said that they focused more on creating a unique product and distributing. Teller added the lip balm seemed to be a good place to change things up. They saw the opportunity to bring a new look and flavor to the shelves.

As the co-creators did their research, they came up with the now popular EOS lip balm, the one that many celebrities are always raving about. EOS is expected to increase sales by 2020 of up to $2 million. With the tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile,” they have made an impact on a once monotonous product.

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EOS Lip Balm: A Delicious Way To Have A Smooth Smile

Whether talking, smiling or kissing, a person’s mouth is one of their most versatile and important features. Chapped or dry lips do not only cause discomfort but also look terrible, sometimes even giving other people the idea that they’ve been caused by carelessness or disease. Dry air, cold temperatures and wind can have a drying effect on lips by removing moisture from them, sometimes even causing painful sores.

Thankfully, EOS lip balm has taken a stand on the matter, creating an amazing line of lip balms that do not only protect lips from damage by sealing moisture in, but also nourish them back to a healthy and beautiful state with ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Committed to restoring a natural and healthy look for people’s lips all over the world, EOS has released a series of delightfully flavored lip balms, resulting in enough variety to please even the most demanding customer. To entice traditionalists, the company presents us with classic essences like vanilla bean and strawberry sorbet, which will surely bring back memories of delicious childhood treats.

Other flavors, like sweet mint and coconut milk, represent a new take on classic essences that are known for their sweet smoothness. Of course, there are also those people that need something bolder and more intense, which is why flavors such as lemon twist and grapefruit came to be, providing an exciting touch of citrus that feels adventurous and comfortable at the same time.

These are just a few of the many flavors EOS has created for their lip balms, with new ones being released constantly in order to keep clients excited with the amazing variety available to them. Soft and smooth lips are a necessity, and what better way to achieve them than through a delicious touch of flavor. Check out the website or ULTA for the complete set of EOS lip balm products.

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EOS Emerges as a Major Manufacturer of Lip Balm

An article in Fast Company highlighted how EOS lip balm was built into one of the major market players in lip balms. Before this article the company was secretive about their past and instead focused on designing and making their products, but decided to discuss their history now to shed light on the company.

The article discussed how the brand was founded and immediately started to focus on how to satisfy their targeted market segment; women. Up until that point, lip balms were sold as unisex products but were purchased primarily by women. The unisex lip balms were mostly bland and medicinal in flavor and were sold in conventional containers that merely applied the lip balm and little else.

This was changed when EOS began to market and sell lip balms more to women than men and designed an applicator orb that was attractive and resembled some of the lipstick applicators that were coming to the market. The flavors that were designed for customers, such as honeydew and watermelon, were unique and not previously seen in lip balms, which made EOS stand out. Their design was so revolutionary that it even took a long time for other companies to begin to copy them, partly since EOS had invested in having their own proprietary equipment built for their lip balms.

EOS was more than just flavorings and new containers. The lip balms that they designed were made with the specifications that their customers wanted; namely all natural ingredients that were organic and not fake in consistency. These needs met they began to try to find distribution networks and launched their first relationship with Walgreens, Walmart and later with Target, thereby reaching a wider audience for their products. They also launched the product from online shops like Racked.

Now EOS is the second biggest seller in the industry behind Burt’s Bees and is a real success story of listening to your customers and organically growing your business.