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Lime Crime Continues Rolling Out Best-Sellers

Fashion has taken some interesting steps over the years with trends led by enterprising individuals with the brilliance and courage to take fashion outside the box. Rarely though do brands tap into that individuality with constant regularity with every product release but every so often a “unicorn” appears. For this generation that unicorn is led by the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere, a brilliant entrepreneur with not only a keen sense of style and color but a keen sense of business acumen as well.


Doe Deere’s line of products selling under the name Lime Crime has not only redefined what women are able to wear but how small start-up can become international successes.


Whether it is her line of lipsticks in bold colors or metallic shades of eye liner, Doe Deere has continuously produced products that speak to the individual nature inherent within the entire brand.


So it should come as no surprise that the latest products to be released have garnered attention across the entire beauty blogosphere.


Lime Crime’s line of hair dyes created for unicorns by unicorns has caught the attention of Bustle’s writing team.


The bright colored dyes come in both a semi-permanent and permanent formulas while being completely vegan and natural.


Adding to the hype surrounding the new product release is the unknown release date, as of now the Unicorn Hair Dye is mysteriously marked coming soon on the Lime Crime’s web store.


The entire article detailing the new product release is available at Bustle’s blog which you can visit by clicking here.