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White Shark Media’s AdWords Experts Give Free Evaluations

Google AdWords are one of the chief marketing tools for businesses online, and creating effective marketing strategies is something that takes time and expertise to do. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

White Shark Media is an ad marketing company that’s recognized as one of only 29 SMB partners with Google, and a Bing Ads Reseller as part of Microsoft’s program, and has teams of experts who specialize in creating AdWords campaigns.

White Shark Media Review gives clients the opportunity to outsource their AdWords management to those experts so that they can become more free to focus on other areas of their business. To ensure that clients don’t have buyer’s remorse when they sign up for White Shark Media’s services, White Shark Media offers free AdWords evaluations.

To get a free evaluation, all anyone has to do is just fill in the contact form at the White Shark Media contact page and a time will be scheduled to join a GoToMeeting page to meet with the specialist.

White Shark Media will not make any changes to any existing AdWords campaigns you have during the evaluation process, but will explain how those campaigns can be made better and give you an idea of what they would do to fix them.

Receiving the free evaluation doesn’t obligate anyone to hire White Shark Media though many times they will, but if not they can take the knowledge they’ve gained during the evaluation and use it to build better ad campaigns.

White Shark Media isn’t content just to offer any marketing service, they take customer complaints and issues seriously and look for ways they can resolve complaints and improve their service.

One complaint that they’ve dealt with is creating new AdWords accounts when accounts already in existence have done well. They understand that sometimes there’s no need to start from scratch if AdWords accounts have had a lot of work put into them and have made a lot of progress already, so now White Shark Media offers service for already existing accounts instead of starting new ones.

In addition, White Shark Media has now developed call tracking, for clients who have leads generated primarily through the phone, and Google Analytics tools to track other AdWords conversions.

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White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation