Fox Business Looks To Thor Halvorssen For Socialism Answers

Understanding socialism is something most people in the U.S. have little experience of doing, which is why the Fox Business channel decided to bring in respected human rights campaigner and film producer Thor Halvorssen to discuss socialism in its many forms. The campaigner and activist who founded the Human Rights Foundation was interviewed by Trish Regan as the rise of Bernie Sanders as a possible candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 2016 was discussed; Halvorssen went so far as to reveal despite his unhappiness with the use of socialism around the world he had donated the maximum possible financial amount to the Sanders campaign.


Thor Halvorssen began the interview by revealing his own version of what socialism means to the people of the world, and how this political ideology has become both a success and failure across the planet. The success of socialism revealed by Sanders in Northern Europe was agreed with by Thor Halvorssen, who stated he believed the people of Scandinavian countries had benefited from the use of socialism in their nations when it was combined with other policies.


However, in his home country of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen has also seen the negative side of socialism in the form of a continued movement towards totalitarian rulers; the rise of Hugo Chavez had begun the trend for a downward lifestyle in Venezuela that had continued under his successor in the role of President. Halvorssen revealed a growing number of humanitarian problems were causing problems for the people of the nation and would continue as long as government officials remained adamant about the need to fix prices at national levels.


Not only does Halvorssen believe his nation has struggled under the rule of socialist leaders in terms of growth, he also revealed his personal experiences with the dangers to individual liberties the ideology poses. Halvorssen’s own father was detained and tortured in Venezuela despite his diplomatic status in the country and his mother shot by government forces as she attended a political rally. Thor Halvorssen believes their is much to fear from socialism, but believes the merging of traditional policies by Sanders will keep the U.S. on the correct track in the future if he wins the Presidency.

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