Gregory Aziz: President and CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz also commonly known as Greg Aziz is the head of one of the world’s most renowned and respected company which is involved in engineering concerning railroad freight car and also manufacturing. The company is the National Steel Car where he is the CEO and also the President. This great company is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Gregory J Aziz was born in London, Ontario back in the year 1949, 30th April. He attended college at the Ridley College where he finished his course and moved on to another college for further studies, University of Western Ontario where Gregory Aziz mainly mastered in economics. Greg Aziz then moved on from school to become part of his family business, Affiliated Foods back in the year 1971. Affiliated foods grew exponentially in about 16 years to become one of the world’s popular foods companies which imported fresh food supplies across Europe Caribbean America and South America. Later on, these supplies are sold to the ready markets who buy in wholesale for distribution found across the United States of America and its neighboring country Canada in the Eastern part of it.

Gregory Aziz worked in the city of New York in the late 1980s and also early 1990s he was working with various investment opportunities which included banks. He raised enough money and went ahead and bought National Steel Car from Dofasco back in the year 1994. James Aziz had a vision of transforming and growing the company to become one of the greatest railroad freight car manufacturing company in the North America. The National Steel Car was the largest of its kind in Canada at that time. Under the management of Gregory James Aziz, the company increased its capability to manufacture approximately 3,500 cars per year to over 12,000 cars in a year this by the year 1999 at the end of the millennium. He also grew employment opportunities greatly from 600 employees to 3,000 employees.

The National Steel Car has been recognized and honored with different awards and certifications. For instance, the company is ISO Certified 900:2008, whereby they have defended this honor for 18 years being subsequently re-certified due to its great performance. The company also holds the TTX SECO, an award for the exemplary quality since the year 1996.The company is involved in community projects and also uplifting the communities through sponsorship’s, it has sponsored the Theater Aquarius and also other organizations and institutions such as Salvation Army.