Salvi Viadero Input In Televisa SA

In Mexico, the media industry is opening up, with a wide spectrum of media both traditional and modern media. However, there are mainly three dominant television networks that operate the national network, namely; Azteca, Grupo Global, and the largest being Televisa.

The Grupo Global and the Televisa tremendous growth have been enhanced by the Spanish language in Mexico, being the second most spoken language. Moreover, the language factor has been a great advantage due to the domestic market. These two networks mostly air news, soap operas, sports, and reality shows among other programs.

The Televisa Group is the top media company in Mexico, with an audience of about 60 to 85 percent. This family-owned company was started in 1955 and it’s commonly known in the international market for its telenovelas that are viewed in more than 75 countries, and on more than 258 stations. Televisa thrives on team work through this,it has spread its operation around the globe, in more than 50 countries with a focus on the production, broadcasting, international distribution, and cable television among other programs.

One important team player, who is a recipe for Televisa SA is Salvi Viadero; the Chief Financial Officer.Salvi has a long history with Televisa since 2002, having served in various capacities before taking the position in 2015.This experience is crucial as it has equipped him with ample strength and knowledge on how to handle the company.

Having served as a Vice President of Administrative at Televisa SA, as general manager, and Vice Chairman of National Banking Commission, is an indication that Salvi Viadero, has worked his way up to success and has adequate experience in finance issues.

The dedication to performing has not gone unrewarded as Salvi was recognized among the top 25 best CFOs in Mexico. This is an indication that he handles his responsibilities effectively at Televisa SA, which involve strategizing on how to make profits for the company.Ever since Salvi Viadero joined the conglomerate, it has tremendously increased its revenue to about $10 billion and a workforce of over 10000 staff. This is an indication that his position has an impact on the organization.