Adaptive Academic Curriculum at Rocketship Education

Rocketship education serves low-income students as a non-profit network of public chartered elementary schools. The primary focus of Rocketship Education is to ease access to quality education in areas facing educational inequality. Besides educating marginalized students, Rocketship Education actively engages parents in the direct management of the school, motivate its teachers on the merit of performance, and inspires the community to support students in pursuit of their dreams.


Rocketship Education has adopted a unique approach in tackling various challenges facing public education. In essence, Rocketship Education has helped to modernize the education system to stay relevant to emerging global challenges. Furthermore, the school is more focused on equipping its students with necessary skills that can help them tap into different economic opportunities.

Rocketship is a great place to work as an educator. The amble working environment is the reason behind the success of this institution. The main programs designed particularly for teachers include professional development, intensive coaching programs, and leadership development programs. At Rocketship Education, both teachers and students have a noble opportunity to succeed regardless of their level of study.

Additionally, Rocketship Education is passionate to fulfill its mission by equipping both teachers and students with relevant skills. Teachers at Rocketship Education are consistently appreciated and empowered through various motivational programs.

Another thrilling experience at Rocketship Education is the provision of personalized learning programs for development of students. With the aid of a blended education system, Rocketship understands that each student is unique, calling for suitable approaches to help them learn conveniently. As opposed to traditional schools education system that provided common instruction regardless of the student diversity, Rocketship Education offers customized learning styles for its students.

Inclusivity at Rocketship Education has enabled them to fill the gap that long existed in the traditional education system. Direct engagement of parents has optimized the educational performance at Rocketship Education. As a result of this engagement, parents have also enhanced their leadership role in the community, school, and even in their homes. Finally, Rocketship has attained high standards of education by adopting a flexible education system blended to stay relevant to the current generation.