End Citizens United: Fighting for Democracy

On January 2010, the United States Supreme Court reversed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act that prohibited the corporations from political expenditures. According to Supreme Court, the Bipartisan Act violated the Freedom of Speech stated in the American Constitution.

After the reversal of the Act, the independent billionaires and corporations had the opportunity of spending money not subjected to the federal limits. To fight the loss of Democracy, the End Citizens United was formed. The main agenda of the PAC was to reverse the Supreme Court Ruling. According to End Citizen’s United, with the new law, the politicians will not promote accountability or transparency.

End Citizens United was formed by Grassroots donors who wanted to fight for reforms. The primary goal of the PAC was to collect signatures and have the United States Congress amend the Constitution and reverse the ruling.

The PAC, founded in March 2015, had a goal of raising $25 million. The organization also supported the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton and other party candidates. End Citizen United supported the Democratic Candidates because they shared a common goal; promoting Democracy.

A constitutional amendment would need at least two-thirds of the Senate and the Congress to win. With such odds, End Citizens United goal seems like a pipe dream. However, their actions have been highly appreciated. Due to their efforts, the American Citizens have knowledge on the Supreme Court Ruling.

End Citizens United has launched other projects to support the Democratic candidates. By the end of March, the PAC has raised $4 million out of their ultimate goal of $35 million. This will be a significant increase from the 2016 goal of $25 million. The group seeks to raise the money ahead of the 2018 Congressional elections.

The PAC has received numerous donations from their supporters. 100,000 people had already contributed towards the group’s Agenda. Most of the PAC’s donors argue that the system is rigged and would like to change it. Also, the Democrats are mad with President Donald Trump and are looking to fight back.

End Citizens United is supporting different Congressional candidates. The goal is to elect Congress leaders who will fight Donald Trump’s nominees and agenda. The Group has managed to create connections with most of the campaign groups. End Citizens United popularity has grown, and they are making significant changes. For example, the organization managed to collaborate with different groups to urge and motivate them not to vote for Betsy DeVos. The results were outstanding as the vote was 50-50. The Vice President cast a vote that broke the tie in favor of Betsy DeVos.

End Citizen United is a traditional organization that only accepts a maximum donation of $5,000 from the individual donors.