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A dynamic area of Mexico City’s media lies in its magazine market. In addition to mainstays Nexos and Proceso, there’s also a welcoming group of newcomers: Gatopardo, Emeequis and Chilango. The main editor of Emeequis, Vietnika Batres, has said that, in Mexico’s magazine markets, you’ll see Mexican versions of popular U.S. magazines – like GQ and Esquire – yet there’s also many with local content, like Gatopardo, Vertigo and Zocalo.

Regarding the biggest names in Mexican news magazine markets, Proceso’s very powerful as a brand. Letras Libres deals more with cultural affairs and is somewhat pretentious. Nexos is dense but has good content and strong points.

During recent visits to Gatopardo’s office, among a tree-lined street in Colonia Condesa, Restrepo Pombo, magazine editor-in-chief, noted more. He said that Gatopardo’s not a big news magazine and won’t compete for daily news. It covers in-depth stories primarily.

Though Gatopardo features collector’s quality writing, glossy photos and advertisements of Marque luxury brands, it also focuses heavily on the hard-hitting news stories of crime and security issues. Many are interested in stories of Spain,  Latin America and the U.S. This magazine has one part that is all about luxury, yet having ads for $50,000 watches doesn’t imply one can’t write about drug trafficking also.

Restrepo Pombo feels the same today: Though Gatopardo has a website, its magazine now focuses on print. Each page may cost much to print. Editors want each page to feel like reading a book. They like the paper’s feel and the experience provided.


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