Honey Birdette Reintroduces Sensuality

Honey Birdette is one of Australia’s hottest lingerie retail companies. Founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza, Honey Birdette is making huge waves. In 2006, the two friends were sharing some champagne and discussing how there wasn’t a luxurious lingerie company. After realizing the market potential, the two founded Honey Birdette.
Honey Birdette has a particular style, which combines provocative lingerie with luxurious sensuality. They offer a wide range of products from carefully detailed lingerie to high-end toys. Honey Birdette injects a sense of sensual pleasure back into the bedroom.
They not only capture that essence with their products, but they also create that same vibe with their boutiques’ atmosphere. Honey Birdette boutiques are a mixture of flirty and playful in a sensually unapologetic way. There’s a reason their stores are known as the Pleasure Parlor. The entire décor of the store is designed to awaken and provoke the shoppers’ sensual side.
Part of that provocation is Honey staff. They’re arguably what makes the boutiques work. They staff, referred to as “Honeys”, add to the shoppers’ experiences. The ingenious way they role play and educate shoppers gives the shoppers an unforgettable experience.
Women visiting a Honey Birdette boutique love interacting with the Honeys. Honeys focus on empowering women just as much as educating them about entertainment. They’re not afraid to go that extra mile and really their customers the razzle-dazzle during their exaggerated playfulness.
The creators of Honey Birdette products love their jobs. It’s exciting for them to create all sorts of naughty and nasty play things for people. It’s a thrill providing products for every type of explore, from beginners to lifelong experts. All of their luxury toy collection is designed at Honey Birdette Headquarters.