The Many Facets Of Vijay Eswaran’s Business in India

Vijay Eswaran took a concept in direct selling from something simple to something major with his company QI Group. Eswaran cofounded this company in 1998, and the first time it really came on the scene was when it sold numismatic coins at the start of the 2000 Olympics.

From there QI Group began focusing on ecommerce and regular consumer goods and established its flagship direct sales company, QNet. QI Lifestyle is a company that sells luxurious lifestyle items such as vacation packages and jewelry, and QI Asset Management owns many vacation properties across the Asia-Pacific region. Read more: The Return Of Vijay Eswaran | The Sunday Leader

Eswaran’s current focus is on QI University-Perak, a college he started in partnership with the Malaysian government and for which he’s currently planning a new campus construction that’s eco-friendly known as QI City.

Vijay Eswaran became interested in multilevel marketing after several years of work in other fields that proved less rewarding for him. He was born in Malaysia to a government worker and a teacher, and both taught him to live a life of strong ethics and guided by moral principles.

He had the drive to be successful in business, yet he wasn’t completely sure which business model to pursue until he learned about multilevel marketing while driving a cab in London. After completing his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University and working as a part-time consultant, Eswaran took on direct selling fulltime and returned to Asia where he and Joseph Bismarck began rolling out the plans for QI Group.

Eswaran’s business wouldn’t be complete without his generosity towards Asia’s educational activities and religious groups through RYTHM Foundation. He’s given away the equivalent of millions in US dollars over the years, and he made the 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy list at Forbes Asia.

The very next year he won the New Global Indian award for excellence in both business and philanthropy, and he’s also attended the 6th Pravasi Divas gathering. He’s also written many books about his spiritual beliefs and living a healthy lifestyle including a 2005 bestseller titled “In The Sphere Of Silence.” He’s also a husband and father of several children.