Securus Technologies Working to Protect Corrections Officers

The job of a corrections officer is one of the most dangerous in the world. On any given day, I put my life on the line for inmates who are trying to take me away from my family and friends. The inmates outnumber the police in jail, and if you are not very careful, you are going to leave in an ambulance. Each day me and my fellow officers have a few things we have to do to keep the entire population in the jail safer.


If an inmate can get their hands on a weapon in jail, they put other inmates, visitors, and all police working in that jail in jeopardy. We try to stop the flow of all those weapons by having every visitor go through a tough screening process to see if they are in fact carrying anything illegal on their person. The inmates are very persuasive at getting family or fellow gang members to take a huge risk to try and get things in the jail. We do surprise inspections in the cells all day too, and try to take away anything that can be used to hurt another.


When Securus Technologies trained my team to use the new inmate phone system, we had no idea how this would help us to change how we stop the flow of drugs, cellphones, and weapons coming into the jail. Once trained on the LBS software, we discovered that the coded language the inmates will use when on the phone was not as challenging anymore to decipher.


On a number of occasions this month, we heard chatter about where inmates were hiding cellphones, how they were getting various weapons in the yard, and which visitors were sneaking things into the jail. Today we have really tightened things up thanks to Securus Technologies.