Paul Mampilly: Helping Main Street Clients Find Investment Opportunity

On March 9, 2017, PRNewswire released a story about Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited reaching the number of 60,000 subscribers. Apparently, in the investment industry, 60,000 customers is a benchmark.

Profits Unlimited came into existence when Mampilly signed with Banyan Hill Publishing. The newsletter’s purpose is exposing regular Americans to profitable investments. Mampilly recommends one new stock on each bulletin (one per month) he sends to his subscribers.

Paul Mampilly keeps his followers updated weekly on stocks in the model portfolio, and monitors their stock performance on his website. Paul doesn’t invest for them but rather offers advice in a non-traditional advisor/client relationship.

The article goes on to describe one investor group telling Mampilly that their arrangement is the most valuable experience they have ever had investing in stocks.

One would have a difficult time thinking of a job in finance that Paul Mampilly hasn’t had. He spent 20 years working on Wall Street for major clients like Deutsche Bank, and Banker’s Trust. Paul is a former hedge fund manager who has dealt with biotech and health care. He worked as a team member of a group that managed a $23 billion mutual fund and a well-respected $6 billion hedge fund in 2008.

The clients he has worked for are some of the most influential in the world and include the biggest companies and banks. Mampilly once won an investment competition by legitimately turning a $50 million investment into $88 million during the worst of the financial crisis.

Paul is often sought after by financial news media to opine on investment subjects. Born in India, Mampilly migrated to the U.S. There he began a career on Wall Street. He quickly climbed the investment ladder by successfully managing millions.

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