Brazil’s Copa Star Hospital is Awesome

When a great structure is built, there is always a vision and several ideas behind it. The ideas created by great minds is hope for many. The Copa Star built in Brazil is one of them. Besides an amazing structure, expensive machines were bought so world class treatment can be provided to people. The whole world is talking about this hospital for its outlook and medical equipment. It has advanced robotic equipment, operation rooms, and intensive care units. The amazing architecture of Copa Start has visual images that guide patients to the suites and surgical details.

One can easily say that this hospital is revolutionizing the healthcare system on People describe it as a combination of innovative design and state-of-the-art technology. In traditional hospitals, patients are not able to understand the system. Copa Star Hospital is completely changing that concept. Copa Star has a new unit called Rede D’Or São Luiz which is the latest cardiology and neurology center in the world. The patients in intensive care units are monitored round the clock by the trained staff. In the operation rooms, magnetic resonance imaging technology is added. It enables doctors to view medical scans of their patients while they are undergoing surgery. For less serious surgeries, equipment can be accessed from the hybrid rooms. With the use of technology on, surgeons send images to experts in other parts of the world. The opinions can affect the outcome of surgeries.

Roderigo Sambaguy of RAF Architecture is the brain behind this project. His main objective on was to make the visit to this hospital very comfortable for the patients. The company, RAF Architecture, has a great repute for designing hospitals. With their experience, they constructed a hospital which has taken patient care to a new level. When someone looks at the hospital for the first time, he thinks it is a five-star hotel. The latest medical treatment is provided here in a very comfortable environment. RAF Architecture designed Copa Star Hospital to consume almost half energy. The performance of the concrete is improved due to advanced technology. It is the Penetron System that has enhances the concrete’s performance. Moreover, the crystalline technology used has increased the life of concrete.

For improving energy efficiency, building material was selected wisely. The energy consumption system was declared excellent by the Sustainability Report. It says that all systems like medical equipment, water pumping, air conditioning, elevators, heating, and lighting are linked together to conserve energy. The ventilated facade of the hospital adds beauty to the surroundings as well. However, the main purpose of this aesthetic feature was energy conservation. The air cavity created in the façade limits heat gain and expels hot air which reduces the load on HVAC system.