EOS Cocreators Gives Exclusive Details on Their Success

It’s hard for anyone today not to know what EOS lip balm is. Whether hearing the name or seeing the product itself, it has become a familiar item in the beauty and lip balm world. It has gained so much popularity in drug stores that it has outdone the common, well-known Chapstick brand. EOS has stormed the market with a new look and flavor that offers more options than the usual, boring tubes of lip balm many were once too familiar with, and almost sick of.

The creators behind Evolution of Smooth (EOS) spoke with the people of Fast Company to explain their business strategy. The details of how their company became such a success was never before discussed. Due to their success, they have become the second top-selling lip balm brand. According to Amazon.com, research has shown that the future is bright for EOS. They currently sell 1 million units a day and sales are expected to increase steadily.

Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky teamed up to come up with a product unlike any other. Due to the nature of the current lip balm market, they saw a product that could be improved upon. Then EOS was born. Before it hit the shelves, Dubitsky left for another company. Mehra said that they focused more on creating a unique product and distributing. Teller added the lip balm seemed to be a good place to change things up. They saw the opportunity to bring a new look and flavor to the shelves.

As the co-creators did their research, they came up with the now popular EOS lip balm, the one that many celebrities are always raving about. EOS is expected to increase sales by 2020 of up to $2 million. With the tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile,” they have made an impact on a once monotonous product.

Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/ or the EOS Facebook page for more information.