Why Cotemar Is the Company to Watch in Mexico’s Oil Industry

Petroleum is a major economic earner in Mexico. The country has profited immensely over the years due to the vast quantities of oil within the Gulf. As such, numerous companies have taken the initiative of exploring oil with the sole purpose of reaping maximum profits. None has benefited and dominated the industry as Cotemar has over the years.

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in lodging and the provision of food services to its esteemed clients. Such services are provided courtesy of specialized vessels at the company’s disposal. Additionally, they strive to provide safe and high-quality services that satisfy the expectations of customers.

Services Offered

Cotemar operates within three distinct divisions in the quest for efficient service delivery. Such units consist of:
• The provision of marine support & specialized boats-the company possesses an abundance of boats to meet the emerging needs of clients. From transportation of materials to the movement of guests, your needs are fully catered for.

• The construction and maintenance of processing centers-these services entail the rehabilitation and maintenance of processing centers to expedite execution of tasks. Such duties are supported by the presence of semi-submersible vessels fitted with dynamic positioning to expedite movement from one location to another.

• Food and lodging-Cotemar is proud to boast a team of highly-skilled professionals that prepare exquisite meals and engage in laundry activities. Washing, pressing and food preparation form the bulk of duties completed by in-house employees.

Cotemar’s History and Values

Since its formation in 1979, Cotemar has scaled the corporate heights to become a leading service provider in Mexico. Cotemar has formed a formidable partnership with Petroleos Mexicanos to facilitate its offshore tasks with the aid of specialized vessels. Just like any other firm, Cotemar is guided by mission and values that dictate the nature of services provided. For instance, they adopt a strict code of guidelines based on cutting-edge technology, environmental protection, institutional values and meeting high-quality standards to satisfy their clients.

How Sustainability Obligations Are Met

Cotemar adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporate the host community in various projects as well as provide services to customers. To achieve this, they have had to include business ethics, community, quality of life and the environment to its core operations. Each principle plays a vital role in the realization of company goals and objectives.

Employment Prospects

The dedication is dedicated to employing highly skilled professionals to generate revenue for Cotemar. For instance, hired individuals are taken through a training program to hone their skills in line with the business’s objectives. Additionally, they are molded into all-rounded individuals that worked in any department in the enterprise.

Bernardo Chua Opens Countries One-by-One to Organo, Natural Gourmet and Coffee Company

Direct sales and retail sales are the methods that products and services are typically bought and sold internationally. Direct sales is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers with the inventory at a fixed location. Bernardo Chua is a successful entrepreneur who has founded several businesses both in the Philippines and Canada. His most recent and growing business today is the gourmet coffee company called Organo.

Organo was established in 2008 in British Columbia, Canada, and only eight years later, it is 55th in all direct sales worldwide and has over one million distributors. This is incredible growth for a new company, and it can be attributed to the experience that Bernardo gained from his first company. Bernardo is excited about his main product Ganoderma, and he has a mission to introduce it to the western world.

In the Phillipines, when Bernardo was beginning his business career, he made his commitment to the goal. He has been focused on it ever since.

He grew up using a 4,000-year-old Chinese herb called Ganoderma. His mother brought the super-mushroom from China, and it is packed with anti-oxidants and other nutrients, so Bernardo knows the benefits firsthand and wants to share them with the world.

In 2001, he founded a company called Gano Excel in British Columbia. This was his first direct sales company, and he was using the Ganoderma in natural health supplements. In 2004, he got the idea to infuse coffee and teas with the Ganoderma so that people could enjoy it regularly. He knew this would benefit their health, so Organo was founded.

Bernardo Chua is CEO, and in 2015, he changed the name from Organo Gold to Organo. He is very active in the day-to-day management of Organo, and the company has introduced Ganoderma-infused coffee into 35 countries. Turkey is the most recent country that has opened distribution to Organo, and he is planning on several more in 2017. With over 130 countries on the earth, he is quickly expanding to all.

Getting Reputation Management Service

Are you considering getting online reputation monitoring and management service? Do you want to have peace of mind in knowing that your company is being protected? You can have the experts handle this issue for you while you focus on what you do best – working on your projects.

Online reputation management is an essential aspect of running a successful business. Nowadays, any company that does not set up a good system to manage their online reputation is taking a huge risk. It is always advisable to hire the expertise of online reputation management specialists.

As a company manager or business owner, your reputation is your key to success. An impressive reputation attracts more business, brings higher sales, and encourages customers to work with your organization. A mediocre reputation, on the other hand, can immediately ruin sales and put a crucial dent in your bottom line. As a result of this, countless companies choose to prioritize online reputation management.

Unfortunately, administering your online reputation on your own can be complicated. As a result of this, countless small firms pick out an online Reputation Defender and review firm to do the job for them. If this is an option you have been taking into consideration, you will need to know how to pick out an established enterprise that can get the job done very well.

Reputation management professionals are available and can help ensure that you are protected from threats or impending attacks. They have access to a vast range of resources that help build a good reputation. They have a range of tools and resources, which enable their team of experts to keep track of, fix as well as restore their clients’ online reputation, and ensure a positive image.

Take the initial step to defending against threats as well as stopping assaults, by registering with a reputable reputation management firm. These professionals will set up a consultation to review your scenario and your needs, and determine what they could do to build a favorable brand image for your firm, efficiently protect against impending attacks, as well as help you operate effectively.


David Osio Connects With Clients Through New App


David Osio has announced that his real estate group, the Davos Real estate Group, will take a concerted step forward in its relationship with clients by connecting with them via a new app.


Osio’s group worked closely with tech company Tecknolution through ever step of development of the Davos Cap Calculator, making sure that it meets the group’s functionality needs while also being easy to use and engaging. The Davos Cap Calculator was made with Osio’s clients in mind, particularly those already engaged in the process of finding properties worth investing in. With the app, clients have access to tools designed to help them determine the potential fees and taxes they might have to pay and how it will affect their return on investment. With this information at their disposal, clients find themselves in a position of being informed when seeking properties worth investing in, making them more invested in weighing the advice given to them by agent of the Davos Real Estate Group.


The Davos Cap Calculator is only the first app Osio has released, but it will be followed by a larger campaign focused on mobile technology. In the months to follow the Davos Cap Calculator’s release several apps will be made available to clients, providing them a whole host of tools to calculate the cost of investing and projections of what could be earned in the near future. There will also be a focus on increasing the client’s access to information such as property history. The first in this series will be the Mortgage Calculator, which will let these clients map out the potential monthly expenditure that would follow when purchasing a property and seeking a loan from banks.


Osio’s new focus on technology comes as the Davos Real Estate Group announces that it will be breaking into the Spanish real estate market in an effort to conduct its businesses in countries across Europe.


Clients can get their hands on the Davos Cap Calculator right now by accessing the app marketplace on their Android or iOS mobile devices.


About David Osio:


Founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group, David Osio has risen as one of the most recognizable names in finance. Thanks to a developed knowledge of business strategy, Osio has made a number of lasting partnerships with companies servicing disparate industries.


Having remained involved in the daily operations of his business, Osio has remained influential in the Davos Financial Group’s continues success in Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Thor Halvorssen’s Contributions To Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist, director, and writer who has made significant contributions to civil rights causes through his work. Halvorssen has founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which meets each year to celebrate human rights and bring voices together to come up with solutions to injustices. The Venezuelan is president of the Human Rights Foundation which fights for freedom all across the globe. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

He is also a Patron of On Own Feet, a Children’s Peace Movement in Czechoslovakia. Thor Halvorssen has also founded The Moving Picture Institute which usually produces films that center around political issues dealing with social and economic issues. He also bought the Norwegian liberal-leaning newspaper Ny Tid which now has a global approach with exclusive columnists.

According to Crunchbase, much of Thor Halvorssen’s work focuses on threats of individualism, injustices committed by dictators, enslavement, and human trafficking. He frequently conducts lectures at prestigious schools, institutes, the United Nations Association, and Junto. He has even presented speeches in front of the British Parliament.

The human rights activist has been acknowledged for his contributions. Thor Halvorssen received a Sol Feinstein Award for protecting student’s voices. He was also given a silver medal in 2010 by Romanian leader Emil Constantinescu for founding the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The New York Times stated that Thor Halvorssen is “a champion for the underdog and the powerless”. After his father became a political prisoner and his mother was shot during a protest, Halvorssen became involved in promoting civil rights and due process. Through his Human Rights Foundation, many political prisoners have been returned to society.

EOS Lip Balm: A Delicious Way To Have A Smooth Smile

Whether talking, smiling or kissing, a person’s mouth is one of their most versatile and important features. Chapped or dry lips do not only cause discomfort but also look terrible, sometimes even giving other people the idea that they’ve been caused by carelessness or disease. Dry air, cold temperatures and wind can have a drying effect on lips by removing moisture from them, sometimes even causing painful sores.

Thankfully, EOS lip balm has taken a stand on the matter, creating an amazing line of lip balms that do not only protect lips from damage by sealing moisture in, but also nourish them back to a healthy and beautiful state with ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Committed to restoring a natural and healthy look for people’s lips all over the world, EOS has released a series of delightfully flavored lip balms, resulting in enough variety to please even the most demanding customer. To entice traditionalists, the company presents us with classic essences like vanilla bean and strawberry sorbet, which will surely bring back memories of delicious childhood treats.

Other flavors, like sweet mint and coconut milk, represent a new take on classic essences that are known for their sweet smoothness. Of course, there are also those people that need something bolder and more intense, which is why flavors such as lemon twist and grapefruit came to be, providing an exciting touch of citrus that feels adventurous and comfortable at the same time.

These are just a few of the many flavors EOS has created for their lip balms, with new ones being released constantly in order to keep clients excited with the amazing variety available to them. Soft and smooth lips are a necessity, and what better way to achieve them than through a delicious touch of flavor. Check out the website or ULTA for the complete set of EOS lip balm products.

You can also get EOS products here: