The History and Present State of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services, a big strategic partner of the US armed forces started off as something very different. According to the official website of IAP, when it started, it was known as Pan Am World Services and had just one job – to build and operate the Cape Canaveral space launch complex.

The company was Johnson Controls in 1989 and expanded its operations to providing its services to military bases as well as private commercial properties on The bouquet of services offered complete maintenance for these facilities included building and maintaining fire systems, energy and lighting, technical support as well as automation.

In 2004, IAP Worldwide was formed after the parent organization got a contract to supply generators to the American troops stationed in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The company quickly grew into a strategic partner for the armed forces and now aids the troops in procurement as well as disaster relief and transportation. In 2004, IAP acquired JCWS and the resulting firm was renamed as IAP Worldwide Services. The company divided the services offered by them into three broad categories of Global Operations on, base Operations and Professional Technical Services.

The total worth of government contracts held by the company is $370 million. The company operates in more than 2o countries and has more than 1600 employees on its payroll at Because of its strong tie up with the armed forces, the company actively gives preference to veterans in its hiring processes. Almost a third of the total employees are veterans.

Douglas Kitani is the current CEO of IAP and he has identified a mixture of organic and inorganic growth for the company in the next few years. As a part of tis inorganic growth plan, the company recently acquired two business units from DRS technologies. The two units have presence in numerous countries worldwide. The merger will significantly increase the worldwide reach of IAP. In fact, it is expected to become two times as much as it is now.

IAP worldwide has taken up hundreds of projects in association with the armed forces in the past. One of the more ambitious and technologically challenging jobs undertaken by IAP is the development of air traffic control system in Kabul. The entire control system is radio based and does not use any radars at all. The project can be regarded as a major success for IAP as it was carried out in the most unfriendly of atmospheres.

Pro-tips on online reputation management strategies.

All the famous, powerful individuals, the high and mighty such as politicians, tycoon’s prominent music stars all depend on their reputation remaining intact. That is because the internet has grown to become a very powerful tool which when used, can either shape up or completely tarnish the reputation of these people. In some way, it is safe to assume that their lives are partially dependent on the social media and internet in general. However, by learning simple strategies over time, one can learn to become successful in managing his/her reputation online. Some of these tips courtesy of include:

Always be bold with your statements.

To remain relevant in the face of scandals, the first thing is never to chicken out with your statements. Always be confident and mean what you say. Most prominent people usually get caught in scandals through their words, which are then used to manipulate them. Should you get caught in the midst of such a situation, one should always learn to come clean. It will not only keep your reputation clean; it may also be a means to get media attention. Talk of a double win.

Be on the watch out for identity and brand theft.

It is important to be on the watch out of your brand name 24 hours every day. A good brand integrity and goodwill can be tarnished when one falls on a reputation crisis. It is therefore of utmost importance to be aware of everything that is being said about you or your brand on the internet. How you plan to do it is your relevance, however, an easy way is to set up Google alerts that notify you on the mention of your name.

Promptly identify the source of your attack and plan a defense or exit strategy.

Learn to cut the damage before it becomes a full-blown scandal. It is important always to watch out on this, settle with the person be it through a lawsuit or any other favorable means. In addition to that, you should have marketing team ready to cover your tracks and measure progress.More on the story can be found here.


Securus Takes Its Job Seriously

Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leaders in inmate communication, has not remained quiet about the false allegations made by Global Tel Link in a press release issued in the summer of 2016. While Securus and GTL have collaborated on license agreements in the past, GTL’s misleading allegations about Securus’s patent infringement will likely bring an end to that. Securus has been issued 150 patents and has 90 pending patents over the past 27 years. Moreover, they have never lost a patent-infringement case, whereas GTL has lost two and won zero. Securus is looking to put the battle behind them so that they can continue to provide their clients with superior products and services but is willing to engage in ongoing transparency in regard to GTL’s accusations.


Meanwhile, Securus has received accreditation and an outstanding rating from the U.S. Better Business Bureau. Despite the pressure from GTL, Securus employees are dedicated to the highest level of ethical engagement. Beyond that, they have developed a high capacity call-center geared at providing continuous on-demand support to its customers.


Securus has been in the prison industry long enough to see itself as more than just a profit driver. While GTL was recently found to be double billing and discharging inmates and their families, Securus has condemned the behavior and burden it brings to others in the field. For many families, external prison communication can be an important resource. Not only can it facilitate healthy relationships and ease the transformation from incarceration to citizenship, but opens the door to long distance communication and provides a safe and reliable network that prison systems trust. Securus Technologies is currently present in a great number of prisons within over 33 different state prison systems. It is an important asset and integral innovator in the inmate communication industry.

The Growth of the Doe Deere Company

Finding a line of Cosmetics that you can truly trust and count on can sometimes be difficult. The reason for this is because a lot of Cosmetics out they are contain a variety of ingredients that you simply do not want to be putting on your skin. Thankfully, there is a brand known as a Lime Crime that has been around for quite some time and is owned and operated by a woman known as Doe Deere. Lime Crime has been in business for many years now and continues to grow as one of the leaders in cosmetics around the world.

The reason Doe Deere and her cosmetic line are so popular is because of the fact that every single product is totally vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime only uses the top quality ingredients to ensure that the product you are buying is well worth the money you pay for it. This is why so many people have been choosing to actually switch to Lime Crime and are thrilled with what has happened when they do so. This might be a good option for you if you have been struggling with bad skin problems or are tired of using products that contain a plethora of ingredients that are not good for your skin.

Lime Crime also has a variety of different products and amazing colors that will match your style and mood. For example, you can choose to wear metallic eyeshadow one day or even a foil eyeliner the next. Lime Crime is a great brand for you to choose for yourself because of the different colors they have available and because of the fact that it is one of the top cosmetic brands in the world. Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to grow this company so that people can experience the amazing success that comes from using each and every product for themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about Doe Deere as well as her company known as Lime Crime, you can visit her on social media and see what she is doing at the current moment. You can also visit the website to browse products if this is something that interests you or something that might be an option if you are looking to buy brand new cosmetics. Lime Crime has been a wonderful company that a lot of people trust to go to when looking for brand new Cosmetics that fit their quality needs. You will find that this is a great company to go for when you are looking for amazing products and know that they are going to have them available to you at a price you were going to easily be able to afford at any given time.

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A Review Of Madison Street Capital And Recent Achievements Highlighted By M&A

As one of the leading investment banking firms in the world, Madison Street Capital has worked on offering services that are focused on satisfying the needs of their clients. The company has established a system that is manned by professionals with many years of experience to make service delivery fast and seamless. In the past one decade, Madison Street has achieved tremendous growth that has seen the company become one of the most reliable in the industry. Learn more:

One of the reasons Madison Street has grown so fast is because the company has invested in offering services to clients in virtually all specialties. They have a team of professionals who are trained and experienced on specific areas to handle specific issues presented by clients. Most of the requests that have been presented by clients were solved within the right time because there is sufficient expertise and reliable tools to make the resolution process fast and easy.

According to a publication available on, Madison Street has been faring well over the past 8 years and most of the achievements the company has made have come from the optimization of the service delivery process. The company currently works with clients in virtually all sectors and has been serving both public and private entities.

During the 2016 and 15th annual M&A Awards, Madison Street was classified in the first position as the best advisory firm across the world. Based on different metrics, the company led considering their system has been re-designed to cater for all kinds of problems presented by clients. Some of the services Madison Street works on include mergers and acquisitions and restructuring services.

Among clients who have experienced the great services offered by Madison Street, Dowco enjoyed a smooth acquisition process that saw the company acquire Acuna Associates within a short period of time. The CEO of Madison Street applauded the process and described the relationship created as a strong advocate for the kind of services the company is willing to offer to customers in different specialties.

Achievements And Company Profile Of Madison Street
Madison Street is one of the few investment banking firms that have stood out in the market for offering services that are aimed at elevating the positions of companies in the competitive market. The company has performed excellently in the provision of financial advisory services and in ensuring they cater for the needs of clients in different specialties.

Their streamlined system has been delivering quick and accurate solutions to clients, reason Madison Street Capital’s reputation has been on an upward curve since one decade ago. It is currently the best-rated company in the investment banking category due to the quality of the services they offer to clients.