Get more clients by Using Video marketing from Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a tech product that has provided solutions to many businesses in the current market. It has been able to offer video solutions since its inception in 2007 by the CEO and founder, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is the first company that introduced an Instant pay Compensation plan in the world. It thus proves the power of ensuring that businesses have grown in a more anticipated progress in the market.


Talk Fusion has all time been the best in adhering to the ethical businesses practices. It has therefore been recognized as a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA). It is such a spirit of working hard and innovatively offering solutions to the market that drives Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion is ever expanding the marketing niche; it launched 30 days Free Trial Version to all its intended customers. It has good strategies that will open doors to gaining more customers to subscribe to the service after the lapse of the period. It aims at growing its customer base by providing the marketing tool in nine different languages and over 140 countries.


As a marketing tool, the 30 days Free Trial version will prove how marketers and other organizations should use technology to push and market their products to the right target market. As a communication tool, it offers the right mode of exchange in the form of Live meetings to the respective clients. Video Email, sending newsletters through video, Sign Up forms are part of the marketing ideas that Talk Fusion is bringing into the market. Marketing will be improved tremendously.


Talk Fusion is the global leader in the video marketing and offering solutions related to marketing. It has proved to a well-understood tool that will promote the necessary marketing needs of the economy. Te corporate team of Talk Fusion has been working tirelessly to achieve such progress. The Free Trial Version that will be risk-free to all users will unlock the potential among the user and provide the full understanding of the effectiveness of video marketing. Video marketing is a gem in the current marketing market that is available.


The Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

One of the most respected people in the business world is Coriant’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaygan Kheradpir. He made a fast climb through various positions to become a powerful executive. His rise to the top has been chronicled in many articles online and in magazines. Coriant is a company that focuses on the production of both hardware and software. He is a native of England. His place of birth was London. He was raised in Iran. His father was a successful doctor who had enough cash to give Shaygan an amazing education that was the envy of his friends. He first was sent to a private school that was in the Alps of Switzerland. He then moved to America where he decided to attend Cornell. He eventually finished his studies by getting an electrical engineering doctorate.

Shaygan discovered that there were many companies that wanted to hire him after he graduated. The first company he worked for after college was GTE. He was placed in charge of managing and controlling a large portion of their network. This was a position of enormous responsibility. GTE eventually had its name changed to Verizon. Shaygan’s bosses were very impressed with his ingenuity and strong work ethic. He was eventually promoted to become the head of the e-business division. One of the things Shaygan is most known for during this time is making a large portion of Verizon’s operations automated. This helped to reduce the company’s overall cost of operating. He also helped the company diversify the services they offered in the telecommunications industry. Needless to say, Shaygan’s superiors were impressed again.

Shaygan is also credited with the brilliant idea of placing employees into teams. This helped to create a competitive dynamic among the employees that allowed them to increase their productivity. He also got involved with prototypes that were in the process of being modified and developed. He decided that it would be a good idea to have the cycle go on for a total of 30 days. The results of this decision turned out to be very positive for the company. Another one of Shaygan’s revolutionary breakthroughs was the idea to completely automate the system that controls the customer service phone program at Verizon. You can learn more information by visiting

Beneful – Ingredients you can trust

Many people are seeking the benefits of premium dog food because of the natural, wholesome ingredients. Most dog owners find that they don’t mind spending the extra money to ensure that their dogs are getting the proper nutrition needed to thrive and live a healthy life. Purina Beneful is a premium dog food that has been on the market for a long time, offering selective choices aimed to please your breed, behavior and overall health for you fur baby.
Purina Beneful adult original dog food ( is the perfect choice for your healthy adult dog. Most dogs that are in good health and aren’t experiencing any difficulties can benefit from this type of dog food. Beneful ensures that each kibble is packed with ingredients you can see, and a delicious blend of natural flavors that are enriched with what your dog needs to continue to thrive each day.

Purina Beneful also offers on Wal-Mart a healthy weight dog food that is calorie conscious for our overweight dogs, or some dogs that tend to have a habit to be overweight. This type of dog food is packed with natural ingredients as well but you won’t find it packed with fillers to make your dog feel food. They will feel satisfied because of the wholesome ingredients packed into each bite. has a healthy puppy selection that you can choose from with DHA which is essential for brain function and other developing strengths. When puppies are little, they need special dog food to fuel their energy, but keep them growing at a rate that is essential to their overall health. We all know that if puppies grow too fast, it can be a bad deal, so the playful puppy is packed with ingredients that allow them to thrive at the rate they should be.

Playful life dog food is a protein rich diet that is essential for those dogs that are extra energetic, and just need a little more boost to keep them going. Playful life is packed with real beef and eggs to ensure that your dog is getting extra protein to sustain their energetic life.



Fox Business Looks To Thor Halvorssen For Socialism Answers

Understanding socialism is something most people in the U.S. have little experience of doing, which is why the Fox Business channel decided to bring in respected human rights campaigner and film producer Thor Halvorssen to discuss socialism in its many forms. The campaigner and activist who founded the Human Rights Foundation was interviewed by Trish Regan as the rise of Bernie Sanders as a possible candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 2016 was discussed; Halvorssen went so far as to reveal despite his unhappiness with the use of socialism around the world he had donated the maximum possible financial amount to the Sanders campaign.


Thor Halvorssen began the interview by revealing his own version of what socialism means to the people of the world, and how this political ideology has become both a success and failure across the planet. The success of socialism revealed by Sanders in Northern Europe was agreed with by Thor Halvorssen, who stated he believed the people of Scandinavian countries had benefited from the use of socialism in their nations when it was combined with other policies.


However, in his home country of Venezuela Thor Halvorssen has also seen the negative side of socialism in the form of a continued movement towards totalitarian rulers; the rise of Hugo Chavez had begun the trend for a downward lifestyle in Venezuela that had continued under his successor in the role of President. Halvorssen revealed a growing number of humanitarian problems were causing problems for the people of the nation and would continue as long as government officials remained adamant about the need to fix prices at national levels.


Not only does Halvorssen believe his nation has struggled under the rule of socialist leaders in terms of growth, he also revealed his personal experiences with the dangers to individual liberties the ideology poses. Halvorssen’s own father was detained and tortured in Venezuela despite his diplomatic status in the country and his mother shot by government forces as she attended a political rally. Thor Halvorssen believes their is much to fear from socialism, but believes the merging of traditional policies by Sanders will keep the U.S. on the correct track in the future if he wins the Presidency.

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Online Reputation Companies Solve Problems For Customers

Customers who come to online reputation companies need to make sure that they are going to be able to get the help that they need when there is a crisis online. The companies like Status Labs are out there to help all their customers get the results that they are looking for. Every customer who comes to a place like Status Labs is going to be able to get instant results, and they are going to help their customers make sure that they are going to have a plan of action.

The plan of action that is going to help people get the best reputation is going to learn how they will see all the negative news about them go away. This is a very serious thing for people to consider because they need to have someone on their side who is going to do all the work. This also means that these companies are going to be able to see online searches of them change. The online searches that people are doing are going to offer the information that is most current about a company, and a company with an online reputation problem needs to be sure that they are going to see more positive news as they work with a company like Status Labs. These companies are going to make it much easier to make their images look nice.

The Status Labs team is going to make it easy for people to see a change in their reputation, and it is going to be important for people to change what people perceive of them. The online searches that people are doing need to be more positive than negative, and these searches are going to keep changing because they are going to keep getting more and more extra information. The Status Labs people are going to create a lot of online content, and they are going to keep releasing it as much as possible. They are going to track the way that the work has been done, and they are going to prove that the work has been completed.

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The Value of the book “They Cant Eat You”

I just finished reading the book entitled “They Can’t Eat You,” by Marc Sparks. This novel was eye opening and has really added value to my own entrepreneurial skills that I am currently trying to perfect.

His little tips though out the book are nicely paired up with moments of inspiration and motivational speaking which has the power to instill confidence into the reader. The Book left me with a calm and organized attitude towards the subject of start-ups crushing some of the fears and questions I had before reading it.

This essential guide really portrays how the features and benefits of following certain keys to success with hard work and imagination can lead one to financial prosperity. You can really tell that the author spent a lot of time perfecting the teachings and writings as some of this information would be understandably hard to find elsewhere. I also love his trademark quotes as well one of them being “Tough times don’t last—tough people do!”-Marc Sparks – They Can’t Eat You: Marc Sparks: 9780990495000

I am also fascinated by the author himself Mark Sparks (read more at GoodReads and who was a C+ high school, graduate with no formal higher education. He then moved on to become a major contender in the world of start-up firms and is now sharing his secrets with other aspiring business innovators. One project derived from his philanthropic nature is called The Samaritan Inn which is a program that helps individuals and families who are currently homeless to learn life skills that promote lifelong self sufficiency.

Mark Sparks currently has a business portfolio of six companies and has created over sixty start-up firms which are impressive to say the least. His financial success, although obviously productive, can be truly appreciated though the eyes of his proud community projects aimed at supporting and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

Along with his business success Marc is a devoted father with one daughter whom he refers to as a “Triple Threat” defining her as smart along with beautiful on the inside and outside.

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Nutrimost Is Changing Lives One Pound At A Time

Honestly, most weight loss diets do the exact opposite of what they are intended to do. The body gets the signal that fuel is becoming scarce and starts to hold onto its fat cells with a vengeance. This can be disheartening, to say the least!
Dr. Rob Vasquez shared on the NY Daily news that he has struggled with his weight for years, putting his trust in one diet program after another without getting the result he wanted. That all changed when he discovered Nutrimost and began to follow the program, adjusting his lifestyle to address his obstacles to good health, asthma and allergies. He was able to find his optimal healing and weight loss zone, losing sixty pounds along the way. The fact that he was able to keep the weight off speaks to the legitimacy of the program, prompting Dr. Vasquez to want to offer the same success to his clients.

In his office in San Antonia, Dr. Vasquez and his staff assist their clients in transforming their bodies. They trade an unhealthy lifestyle for one that helps the body burn fat naturally by giving it the tools it needs. Each individual is taught how to adjust their own personal weight and hypothalamus set point, balance the ph and hormones inside the body, and nutritionally detoxify themselves. This plan not only accelerates weight loss but often eliminates acid reflux, asthma, fatty liver, throid issues, diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol along the path back to good health. Learn more:

Possible Legacy for Steve Murray

Stephen Murray, who has worked as the CEO of CCMP has recently passed away. His ideas and skills as well as experience has brought forth a lot of success to the company. He was also very educated in the areas of business. Steve Murray, like some other entrepreneurs and successful businessmen has gotten himself involved in philanthropy.

Stephen Murray has given his support to many different charities which included the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and a couple of other charitable foundations. He has shown that he was very generous when it comes to the money he has earned.

He understands that hard times can happen to anyone. He has also worked at some of the charitable foundations that he has supported. He served on the Make-A-Wish Foundation council. CCMP Capital was left with a huge chair to fill when Steve Murray passed away. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

He has left a potential legacy with all of his innovative ideas. As an investor, he understood when to make investments and when to let go of a losing deal. A lot of people that have worked with him had a lot of appreciation for what he has brought to the company. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

A good chunk of his career was spent in private equity. As of right now, CCMP is running under new leadership with the hopes of continuing with the success that was brought forth by Stephen Murray. Before Stephen Murray died, he has left the company for a month due to health related issues. Read more: The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

During the time, it was unknown whether or not he was going to recover. He eventually passed away of his health problems and is surely missed by the many people that have worked with him. They will continue on with the lessons that they have learned from him and will apply those lessons to the business as long as he company lives.

Read more: West Village Townhouse for $17 Million

Sam Tabar’s New Operations Responsibility at FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar was appointed by FullCycle Energy Fund to serve as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, a position that makes him in charge of its fund management strategies. Sam will deliver the company’s mission of avoiding polluting fuels, high costs and promoting the use of fuels that are friendly to the ecosystem. FullCycle started in 2013 with a primary aim of financing and owning projects, which facilitate the conversion of waste materials into valuable fuel that can be used by comminutes globally. The organization also funds the building or purchasing of power generation plants that have attained the technical, operating and financial standards for changing from conventional energy to MSW based syngas.

Before joining FullCycle Energy, Mr. Tabar spent the better part of his career as a budget supervisor for various financial institutions. He worked at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the Capital Strategy Head. His responsibility in the company was to provide direct introductions of institutional investors such as foundations, endowments, funds of funds, pensions and family offices to fund managers. Sam built the company’s back and front office teams through consultation on operations. He is recognized for his personal Rolodex, where he brought on board more than 2000 qualified potential investors.

CrunchBase shows Mr. Tabar was also an employee of the Asia Pacific’s largest independent fund firm, Sparx Group (PMA), where served as the Head of Marketing. Sam was promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development at the enterprise. In his senior role at the company, he managed all sections of global marketing and controlled a hedge fund that was worth 2 billion dollars. Tabar has also made a career in law apart for that of financial management. He was an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate, and Flom, which is among the world most prestigious law firms and a senior partner at Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. Sam gave advice to the Schulte law firm on regulatory and compliance issues, investment management arrangements, capital formation and organization, side letters and employee problems.

LinkedIn indicates Sam Tabar attended Oxford University, where he graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts and later joined the Columbia Law School for his Masters of Law. He worked for the Columbia Business Law Review as an Associate editor while he was still in law school. Sam is presently a New York State Bar member. He is an investor in SheThinx, which has empowered women globally by re-inventing the feminine hygiene sector.  Read more about Sam’s new appointment on PR Newswire:

Making the Right Investment Choices

Investment banking is the first arm of banking that involves itself with generating capital for other companies or even the government among other business ventures. Investment banks do not engage themselves with deposits like commercial banks do. They act as agents to the clients during discharge of securities. Investment banks offer services such as; trading of products, fixed income instruments, currencies and commodities (FICC services), market making and equity securities.
There are two prominent lines of business in investment banking. These are the buy side and the sell side. The buy side is dedicated to giving advice to firms that need to buy investment services while the sell side is involved in the sale of securities either for cash or other bonds. Popular types of buy-side line are life insurance companies and private equity funds while standard sell-side entity includes market-making and research.
Investment banks have been around for a long time now. It has also undergone some changes over the years. What began initially as a partnership with the aim of underwriting issuance of security is now a fully-fledged system with several functions such as propriety training, research, and management of investments. Activities in investment banking can be divided into three; front, middle and back offices according to functions of each. The front office has the responsibility of revenue generation in general.
The middle position is responsible for controlling the treasury and internal strategy and controls. The back office serves the purpose of counterchecking transactions conducted and rectifies where there are errors. For an investment bank to operate correctly, the significant investment must be put in the technology department to ensure normal running of business. They have a variety of investment bankers to assist governments or corporate groups to run larger projects. This is beneficial to customers as the risk in their ventures is minimized by early identification before the project starts.
When one mentions investment banking, one has to say the name of Martin Lustgarten. Born in July 1959, Lustgarten is an experienced man in the investment banking sector. He is the founder of the Lustgarten Martin, an investment bank in which he is the CEO. He is a recognised figure in the industry owing to his many years in the finance industry where he has led his customers to make significant business deals.
Lustgarten is also very active on social media with several social accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, and also a SoundCloud account. He is, therefore, easy to access to anyone who needs him.

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